15-Year-Old Girl Savagely Beaten, Stomped & Robbed By Group Of School Kids

BROOKLYN, NY— A gang of thugs were caught on video savagely beating, stomping and robbing a 15-year-old girl. The assault took place yesterday and it was believed by police to be in ‘retaliation for an earlier incident.’ The assault was brutal and the girl was left bloodied and unconscious. She was taken to the hospital where she received treatment. The incident was posted to the NYPD Brooklyn North’s Twitter account. 

“OUTRAGE: this is sickening video of a 15 year old girl viciously attacked by a group of school children. One young man takes the sneakers right off the unconscious victim’s feet. The teenager is in the hospital recovering. We CAN NOT allow this behavior in our community.”

Several Twitter users responded to the tweet, like user Billie Horttor who tweeted, 

“That is so sick how can anyone do this to anybody they all belong in prisons.”

User Tony tweeted,

“How about this the cops STOP being COWARDS and DO THEIR JOBS! The hell with de Blasio and the rest of the Democrats that’s screwed up New York! The Police NEED to TAKE BACK THE CITY! Let them fear the police again! Yes I’m a New Yorker born and raised!!”

User Sonar0011 tweeted,

“School children? Seriously? These ‘school children’ just about killed a girl over her possessions. They’re vicious thugs whose actions could easily have killed this girl, pack animals preying on the vulnerable. Law abiding NYC citizens are prey because of you & de Blasio”

Via CBS New York,

“For so many kids to jump on one individual, it’s just ridiculous,” said Carlita Gorden, who works at a nearby salon and came to the scene when she heard screaming.

“Her book bag, she was grabbing on her book bag. No shoes, just sitting on the floor with no shoes,” Gorden added. “Then you see the little one holding her sneakers, running away. Come one, it’s sad. We have to do better as a community. We have to do better as people in general. That this little girl could’ve lost her life, it’s really sad.”

It is sad to see what this group of thugs did to the girl. The people of New York should consider voting mayor Bill de Blasio out of office. They deserve better! 

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