After CNN Story Criticizes Gov. DeSantis, James Woods Brutally Mocks Former Fl. Gubernatorial CandidateAndrew Gillum.

FLORIDA Former Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum has been in the news as of late and it’s not for a good reason. Gillum, who has recently sought treatment for what has been described as ‘alcohol addiction’, was found by police to be inebriated in a Miami Beach hotel room. Also, a male was allegedly found in the same room and suspected of being on crystal meth. Via Politico, according to local media reports, the male claimed to be a “pornstar performer” and advertised his services as a gay male escort. Gillum was a rising star in the Democratic Party and almost became the next governor of Florida, but was defeated by Ron DeSantis. 

The coronavirus is major news right now and spring breakers who were partying it up on the beaches of Florida was reported by the national media. Never one to miss a chance to take a swipe at the Republicans, they have written about Governor DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic. 

An article by CNN that was critical of DeSantis caught the eye of James Woods who has recently been going after Gillum on Twitter. Woods did not waste anytime tearing into him when he tweeted,

“Because #AndrewGillum, rolling naked in his own puke while getting cornholed by a male escort, would have been preferable? #CNN #NeverWasteACrisis”

Several users responded to the tweet, like NetboyRick who tweeted,

“I live in Florida. Most people are pretty happy with his leadership right now. Unfortunately, some county commissioners (Broward) are overstepping his guidelines and making things worse.”

Jenn O tweeted,

“I’m a Floridian. @GovRonDeSantis is doing an amazing job. Millenials choose to keep coming and that’s why they shut down Miami, Clearwater, Ft. Lauderdale. These kids were more concerned about partying.”

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