BOOM: Federal Judge Hammers Mueller’s Team, Accusing Them Of “Lying”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team received a verbal beat down in court today from federal Judge T.S. Ellis III. The judge was none too happy with the way the special counsel has been conducting their investigation into the so-called President Trump Russian collusion. According to Fox News,

“ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort – suggesting they lied about the scope of the investigation, are seeking “unfettered power” and are more interested in bringing down the president.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III told Mueller’s team. “You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead you to Mr. Trump and an impeachment, or whatever.”

Further, Ellis demanded to see the unredacted “scope memo,” a document outlining the scope of the special counsel’s Russia probe that congressional Republicans have also sought.”

According to Fox News, Judge Ellis tore Mueller’s team’s argument to pieces saying, “We said this was what [the] investigation was about, but we are not bound by it and we were lying.”

Also according to Fox News, Judge Ellis gave Mueller’s team two weeks to give the “unredacted scope memo or provide an explanation why not — after prosecutors were reluctant to do so, claiming it has material that doesn’t pertain to Manafort.”

This is great news! Finally, we have someone scolding this special prosecutor and his team. Actor James Woods took to Twitter to express his displeasure and tweeted,

“I can’t in my lifetime remember when a case of this import featured a judge calling the prosecutor a liar from the bench. This is a landmark moment.”

Several of Mr. Woods followers weighed in expressing their displeasure for special counsel Robert Muller and his team. User Dale Sundstrom tweeted,

“Polling reveals the American people are continuing to turn against the unbridled restraint of this ‘Investigation’… Collusion fell by the wayside a long time ago…”

User Linda Lock was happy and tweeted,

“Its about time Mueller got told..Go judge Ellis…”

User Brian Lubbers wants the swamp drained and tweeted,

“The FBI leadership is a complete disgrace. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!”

User Say was surprised hearing “the truth coming out the courtroom today.” Say tweeted,

“Yes, it is unusual to hear the truth come out in a courtroom today. This is what we all know to be true. Manafort has been around for quite a while doing who knows what, but it is obvious to anyone with half a brain why they went after him.”

User James Rapp tweeted,

“The judge could smell the bs when it walked into his court room. Glad he can see this is all a witch hunt.”

Are you happy to hear that the judge scolded the special counsel? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source Fox News

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