CA— Mayor Who Shared A Meme That Compared President Trump And His Supporters To The Klan Is Going To Be Stepping Down In A Few Weeks.

AUBURN, CA— Mayor Bill Kirby was feeling the heat after allegedly sharing a meme aimed at President Trump and his supporters. The meme in question had a picture of a figure dressed in a KKK robe with a hood. Below the image was some text that read,

“Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks.”

This is not the first time Kirby has posted or responded to a post in a nasty way. A page called ‘William Kirby, Mayor of Auburn California fan club’ has captured and posted some screenshots of his alleged posts.

Mayor Kirby admitted to sharing some posts and defended himself saying, 

“(Facebook) is not a city site. It’s a personal site. This has nothing to do with my job. I reposted it. I think (Trump) is a racist, absolutely.”

The Auburn Journal reported, 

Mayor Kirby announced that he intends on stepping down in a few weeks, and will ‘hand the gavel’ over to Councilman Daniel Berlant.


“In written statements provided to Fox 40 and CBS 13, Kirby wrote that his social media comments “were meant to be private and made out of frustration,” but that from his perspective as a doctor, he believes Trump “has put us all at risk” by his “lack of preparation” in dealing with the coronavirus.”

The also reported,

“In one of Kirby’s comments seen in a screenshot, the mayor allegedly wrote: “If Hitler and everyone who supported him was removed from the face of the earth in 1939 the world would be a much better place” and that, ‘The same is more true of trump and his supporters today.’”

Mayor Kirby’s comments are hurtful and unnecessary! The President has done everything in his power to try and manage the coronavirus pandemic. He is constantly fighting misinformation from networks who hate him. If you turn on the evening news from any of the big three networks, you almost never hear anything positive. How about let’s get America rolling again!

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