Candace Owens Slams Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For Comparing Jews, & Rwandans To Migrant Caravan

People who have legally applied to become citizens of the United States may be pissed off because they have to watch migrants from Central America trying to fast-track the process by applying for asylum. Never mind that thousands paid their dues to become Americans. Some left their countries with little or nothing but did it the right way. They did not cheat to get to the front of the line just becuase they did not like their country. They did not try to breach our sovereignty as migrants did over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Via Fox News,

“Dozens of migrants who illegally crossed the U.S. border this weekend as part of a chaotic rush at one of the boundary’s busiest entry points are now in custody, the
U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner says.

“Kevin K. McAleenan announced in a conference call with reporters Monday that at least 69 people have been detained after they crossed the border near San Ysidro, Calif., on Sunday. McAleenan added that he is not aware of any that managed to cross and evade capture by U.S. authorities.

“In Mexico, Tijuana’s municipal government also announced it arrested more than three-dozen migrants for disturbing the peace and other charges related to the crossing attempt. Thousands of migrants have been gathering there after traveling throughout Mexico in a series of caravans that originated from Central America — and presumably are amongst those who were arrested on both sides of the border.

“During the mad dash, U.S. border agents shot several rounds of tear gas after some migrants attempted to penetrate various points along the border. McAleenan said Monday that four agents were hit by rocks thrown by the unruly group.”

Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) apparently has a problem with her history because she thought it would be a good idea to tweet a comparison about people who actually had a legitimate case to apply for asylum in the US. The propaganda network NBC News tweeted a picture of women and children from the migrant caravan running away from canisters of tear gas saying,

“A migrant family, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, runs away from tear gas in front of the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Tijuana, Mexico.”

Cortez picked up on NBC’s tweet and made her comparison by tweeting,

“Asking to be considered a refugee & applying for status isn’t a crime. It wasn’t for Jewish families fleeing Germany. It wasn’t for targeted families fleeing Rwanda. It wasn’t for communities fleeing war-torn Syria. And it isn’t for those fleeing violence in Central America.”

Cortez’s tweet caught the eye of Candace Owens who had the perfect analogy and let loose by tweeting,

“Imagine comparing the slaughter of 6 million Jews, plus the mandated murders of 1 million Rwandans— to immigrants who just want an upgrade and don’t want to follow any rules to get it. This is an abhorrent, disrespectful tweet and your low-IQ is an unacceptable excuse for it.”

Several Twitter users responded to both tweets like user Kevin Scha who tweeted,

“Are you seriously comparing the Soros paid migrants to those fleeing genocide? They turned down asylum in Mexico to go where they know they are not wanted. This is the Land of the Free…not the Land of the Free Ride”

User Michael Patriot tweeted,

“You make some extremely stupid comments. I hope your constituents see what a ditz they elected. Perhaps they will run a challenger in your next primary that has a higher IQ. If not, they deserve you.”

User Tippy FelzenStein says Cortez’s tweet was “shameful” and tweeted,

“The comparison is so shameful, especially to us who had their entire family murdered”

User Vincent Dunn tweeted,

“But check this out @RealCandaceO here’s what we #deplorables and #blexit people see…the cameramen don’t seem to alarmed about the teargas Looks pretty suspect… but not surprising coming from the #FakeNews your thoughts? #WWG1WGA #TRUSTTHEPLAN #Q #MAGA #KAG2020”

What do you think about Cortez’s tweet? Do you think she needs to go back to school and take history? Leave a comment and let us know.

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