Candace Owens Takes CNN Commentator Angela Rye Down — “Have a seat!”

Anyone who has common sense and has been listening to the far left media can see that the Democratic Party (AKA Liberals) is losing the argument. They have thrown Russian collusion, Stormy Daniels, and numerous other lies at President Trump and they still can’t take him down. President Trump has exposed the Democrats and African Americans are waking up and leaving the party. They are tired of being enslaved and are speaking out. Via The Epoch,

“Rob Smith, a black, gay former Democrat, combat veteran, and author, was among those activists who chained himself to a White House fence to protest the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the U.S. military. He is also one of the strong black voices of what he calls the “’I Don’t Have to Be a Democrat Just Because I’m Black’ movement” that is embracing traditional values in the face of the radicalism of the Democrats.

“There is a movement right now of black people standing up because we are always expected to be Democrats,” he said. “And there is a movement right now of younger black conservatives, which I am becoming a part of, that is saying, ‘No, you don’t define who we are, you don’t define how we think; you don’t get to control and own our voices.’”

“The dominant feeling among the defecting block of African-Americans is that the Democrats have abandoned them in favor of a new voting block of illegal immigrants whose victimhood will guarantee votes. In their view, the Democrats seem to have abandoned old loyalties for a new road to political power.

“When you talk about black people right now as Democrats,” said Smith, “it is very obvious to me that the Democratic Party are completely selling out the African-American community to go all in on illegal immigration and an open-borders agenda. This is very obvious to anybody who is paying attention.”

Candance Owens is a rising star and it drives liberals crazy. She is a free thinker and has taken down numerous people that have tried to debate her. Word has gotten out that she is not one to be messed with because you will get your ass handed to you! This leads us to Angela Rye who is a CNN Political Commentator and an NPR Political Analyst according to her Twitter account. She was recently asked by Twitter user by Iron Chef A** N**** if she’d debate Owens. He tweeted,

“hey @angela_rye, would you ever debate Candace Owens, i would love for this to happen”

Rye thought it would be a good idea to answer back and tweeted,


Owens picked up on Rye’s tweet and leveled her by tweeting,

“Angela. I have double your following and triple your IQ— don’t act cute for twitter. You also declined to debate me when @Tip approached you about it months ago. Your reasoning? Because I disrespected your “mentor” @RepMaxineWaters. Have a seat.”

Several users responded to their tweets, like user Jon who tweeted,

“Lol! Angela would get her a** handed to her on national TV if she ever had the courage to debate @RealCandaceO . Dead meat!”

User Michelle thinks that Rye is a “coward” and tweeted,

“@angela_rye is a coward, not a queen, not an activist. If @RealCandaceO is “so far beneath” her, then the debate should be an easy win, right?”

User Yung tweeted,

“Last time I checked, Candace has more clout than cuzzz Angie lmao. Not to mention that Candace is actually intelligent and would destroy ang.”

Spot on, Yung! We think that user Frank Barnes whose Twitter profile says he is a “Sports fan, American, no longer on the Democrats plantation #MAGA #WalkAway,” hit it out of the ballpark when he tweeted,

“As a black man I it find so sad that the only people with my best interests at heart are @RealCandaceO & the GOP. Most others are content with keeping us on the Democrats plantation and restricting free thought.They are convinced the Dems love them but remain slaves to the party.”

Then you have people who are pissed off at Candace because she can actually think for herself and have to resort to name calling, like user GahtDamn47 who tweeted,

“We’re not giving Coondice Owens a platform. This action will validate their bullshit. Let’s not allow this anymore.”

User Norvette tweeted,

“Candace Owens is a non mother f’n factor. The answer is HELL NO!!!’

Wow, that took a lot of brain power. Once again the left is showing their true colors. When they lose the debate, they resort to name-calling. Thanks, Candace for exposing the left!

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