Candace Owens Takes LeBron Down With One Epic Tweet — Free thinkers Approve

Rising star Candace Owens has had enough of spoiled millionaire athletes who diss President Trump. Also, she is not happy with the whiners who kneel during the national anthem. Owens is a free thinker and this makes other liberal African Americans mad. They can’t accept the fact that she refuses to be enslaved by the Democratic Party.

Owens has had the opportunity to meet President Trump and has a lot of respect for him. She has called him the best President ever and it is no surprise that she would come to his defense when he comes under attack. She ripped into what she called “overprivileged athletes” by tweeting,

“To think that your ability to dribble a ball, throw a football, and/or decline a White House invitation makes you more a hero than the bodies that are sent home in coffins laid under OUR American Flag is why DONALD TRUMP WON! I’ve had enough of these overprivileged athletes!”

Several of Owens followers showed their frustration for the spoiled athletes, like user Coopyduke who tweeted,

“Absolutely. This was a failed pathetic stunt by the Eagles. I predict the next NFL season to be more of the same. Don’t they realize this will eventually effect their million dollar salaries. I hope it does”

User Tom Henderson Jr. tweeted,

“Well stated. It’s some sort of mass hypnosis. Like any decent person,I support equal rights for all Americans. But,sweet little innocent BLM turned into a cop killing terrorist group and protesting police brutality turned into disrespecting my grandfather’s military service.”

User Pastor Mont McDonald disagrees with Owens and tweeted,

“This is a narrative created to silence protesters. Nothing more.”

It’s a shame Pastor that you think that way and is why Owens laid the smack down on Lebron James when she tweeted,

“You have to be a fundamentally daft human being if you believe that America will stand w/ football and basketball players, above the American troops and veterans who DIE fighting for our freedom. @KingJames nobody gives a damn what you think about our President. AMERICA FIRST”

After that awesome tweet users wasted no time jumping on what was left of James, like user C. Joseph Bennett Jr who tweeted,

“And this attitude of @KingJames and so many other less than brilliant athletes is why I have not watched a single @NBA game all year, and will not anytime soon with this attitude.”

User James Llardi, CIP made a good point when he tweeted,

“Can someone tell me WHAT he is the King of ? Anyone who has the nerve to add King in front of his name better have something good to bring to his country and world. He is just another Overpayed POS ballplayer. America is becoming SICK of Ballplayers and Hollywood”

User Everett Tyler wants to know where James gets his information and tweeted,

“I’d like to know where LeBron James gets his information on trump from. What Trump policies are not working for him? The lowest black unemployment in our history? Tax cuts? Trying to enforce our existing immigration laws?”

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We can answer that question for you Mr. Tyler. He gets it from the phony fake news media like the rest of the people who’d rather sit in the dark and blame President Trump for their problems. User John Swan whose profile says, “#Wetgb is the Motto Just Follow a Nigga. Security’s Finest. Former Personal Trainer” may not be a free thinker because he took time to defend his hero James and tore into Owens by tweeting,

“I wish u were truly intelligent your arguments scream sophist (philosophically thats an insult) You are nothing but a dumb ass black person who uses nothing hut logical fallacies to argue lmfao You are truly ignorant….”

Swan’s tweet is nothing new for Owens. She is used to dealing with people who refuse to open their eyes and see the light. Swan’s tweet did receive one reply from user AngerIssuedOne who tweeted,

“I think the ignorant one is the one that only has a high school education, and He probably didn’t really even get that legitimately.”

User Steve Austin tweeted,

“It says a lot about a man’s mental health when he refers to (or sees) himself as a “King” (@KingJames), especially when many of us just see him as another ungrateful overpaid prima donna sports star.”

Do you agree with Candace Owens’ tweet? Leave a comment and let us know.

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