Candance Owens Takes CNN’s Jake Tapper Down For Retweeting A Tweet From The Past — “Lighten up”

Turning Point USA is holding a three-day event at Washington University in Washington DC. this week. They have major speakers, like Donald Trump Jr, Ambassador Nikki Haley, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Mark Cuban, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the event. According to their website,

“Turning Point USA achieves its mission of identifying, organizing, and empowering free market activists through the National Field Program, which aims to:
• Launch, organize, and support student groups that exist to educate students about the benefits of limited government, capitalism, and freedom
• Build and maintain the largest national database of students who believe in capitalism and free markets
• Unite like-minded campus organizations in an effort to increase impact and activism collaboration
• Educate students about the importance of free market values through well-planned, effective activism initiatives
• Re-brand free market values on college campuses through student-driven messaging efforts and face-to-face conversations
• Effectively push back against intolerance and bias against conservatives in higher education
• Empower and train students to join the movement and become activists on their campuses and within their communities

“Turning Point USA’s National Field Program is the largest and most powerful campus activist program in America. For years, the left has dominated college campuses with paid field organizers, daily activism initiatives, and endless waves of leftist propaganda. With a presence on over 1,300 college campuses nationwide, Turning Point USA has a stronger, more organized presence than all of the left-wing campus groups combined.”

At the event, AG Sessions was speaking and the crowd started chanting “lock her up.” The chant is in reference to the 2016 presidential campaign in which then candidate Donald Trump was holding massive rallies and the crowd would chant the famous phrase. Via ABC News,

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “lock her up” at an event on Tuesday – amid a refrain of calls to jail former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that was often shouted at Trump presidential campaign rallies during the 2016 elections. Sessions laughed as the gathering of conservatives at a high school leadership summit chanted “lock her up.”

“I heard that a long time, over the last campaign,” he remarked still smiling after the chant was over.”

For some reason or another CNN’s Jake Tapper thought it would be a good idea to retweet a past tweet from Turning Point’s Communications Director, Candance Owens. Tapper tweeted,

“In a speech celebrating Freedom of Speech today, AG Sessions praised this person who called for journalists to be jailed, do I have that right? More on #TheLead at 4 pm ET”

Tapper’s tweet received several responses and they were not happy with the so-called journalist, like user James Bolfik who tweeted,

“We have Freedom of the Press, but the Press is not free to mislead. The public gets it, CNN is watched by fewer people than reruns of home improvement shows.”

User Max Twain tweeted,

“Jake still pretends to be a journalist rather then a member of an opposition party. Look st your trust numbers Jake, the people don’t buy it.”

Owens’ posted her original tweet back on January 18th, 2018 which read,

“Don’t just #releasethememo Be sure to also lock every last single one of them up. Hillary Bill Comey Mueller Loretta Lynch Soros Bezos And ALL compliant members of the #FakeNews media. (@jaketapper @maddow @andersoncooper @Acosta ) VIVA @realDonaldTrump!”

She did not appreciate Tapper’s response and took him down when she tweeted,

“Jakey-boy. That tweet was a joke from 8 months ago. Lighten up, and stop hating on a High School event you insufferable loser.”

Several of Owens’ followers jumped on the string and blasted Tapper, like user Crab Catcher who tweeted,

“Journalist? Isn’t that a thing of the past. @jaketapper is not a journalist. He, is #nuttinbutabiasedhack TelePrompTer reading commentator with TDD. Aka Trump Derangement Disease. Will keep poor JT in our thoughts and prayers to #walkaway”

User Grant Peece thinks Tapper could get a job at a college radio station and tweeted,

“maybe if @jaketapper had anything useful or relevant to say he could get a good job at a college radio station. the Clinton News Network is, thankfully, washed up.#resistanzismoronic”

User Christopher tweeted,

“@jaketapper You should know, Candace really can’t tolerate WEAK MEN, Jakey. Thus her displeasure w/you. Also, of course, how are you supposed to be a journalist when on Twitter giving your personal opinions on people you cover?”

What do you think about Tapper retweeting a past tweet from Owens? Do you think he is trying to get his ratings up? Leave a comment and let us know.

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