Candance Owens Takes Jessica Tarlov Down In 60 sec. — And Leaves Her Flabbergasted

Rising star Candance Owens made an appearance on the television show Fox & Friends over the weekend. She debated Fox News contributor, Jessica Tarlov and absolutely tore her apart. Owens is sick and tired of liberals not doing anything to help with the problems in African American communities. According to The Chicago Tribune,

“Nearly 40 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, including five in an attack after a party in Bronzeville, according to police.
From Friday afternoon to Monday morning, at least 36 people were wounded and three others were killed, according to data kept by the Tribune. Among those wounded, three were listed in critical condition as they were taken to hospitals.

“So far this year, more than 1,300 people have been shot in Chicago, and there have been at least 236 homicides, the Tribune data shows. Shootings and homicides remain down from 2016 and 2017, years of record-breaking violence, but are higher than other recent years.

“The attack that wounded five people, including a 15-year-old boy, happened just after midnight on Saturday while they were standing in the 100 block of East 51st Street in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side, according to police.
All three homicides over the weekend happened on the South or Far South sides: the Bronzeville, West Pullman and Englewood neighborhoods.”

Owens is also sick of selective feminism and fake outrage. Tarlov tries to explain why prominent Republican women are not getting their due and says it’s because they support President Trump’s policies. After administering the ass whipping to Tarlov, Owens took to Twitter to finish the job by tweeting,

“It was too early for her fake feminism.”

Owens tweet caught Tarlov’s eye so she took to Twitter to whine about it and tweeted,

“And it was too early for your faux concern for the black community. Also, on the show in a live debate you specifically said it wasn’t me you were calling a fake feminist. Feeling braver over Twitter, huh @RealCandaceO?”

Tarlov’s tweet did not go unnoticed, it was picked up by the free thinker and she responded by making a video and tweeted,

“.@JessicaTarlov just tweeted at me that I am “faux concerned for the black community””

Several of Owens’ followers weighed in, like user Sonia who says she could see the disdain and anger in Tarlov and tweeted,

“Tarlov’s disdain and seething anger is seen clearly in this exchange with @RealCandaceO calling her out. Then they acted as though it was Candace’s response that needed to be reeled in and toned down. Her pseudo non answer and constant attempt to direct the narrative is annoying.”

User Carl Hughes thinks Owens is amazing and let her and several other users know by tweeting,

“Wow, has to be one of the most amazing responses I’ve ever seen; bet you put a lot of thought into it. You can only wish to have the friends this amazing woman has. Exactly what are you doing to make America better…sorry, just visited your twitter page, your amazing.”

Yes, she is amazing and those who dared to battle her, usually find themselves on the other end of a beatdown, like Tarlov. Owens retweeted a 60-second clip from User Daniel Bostic who could not get enough. Bostic tweeted,

“Really can’t get enough of this clip where @RealCandaceO obliterates @JessicaTarlov’s faux-feminist outrage.”

User Bge76 responded to Owens and several other users and tweeted,

“Lol, damn that was embarrassing.”

You are correct! That was embarrassing. I know I have never seen Tarlov that rattled. User Jeff Cummings tweeted,

“WOW I’ve watched Jessica try & hang in there with numerous others BOOM no match for @RealCandaceO”

User Ted had nothing but praise for Owens and tweeted,

“Keeping it real and real and real and then some more real … at last we have someone unaffected and unafraid to say what needs to be said”

What do you think about Candance destroying Tarlov’s argument? Leave a comment and let us know.

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