Chelsea Handler Tells Fox’s Tucker Carlson “Try A Drive-Thru” — James Woods Flattens Her

Tucker Carlson can’t go to restaurants anymore because leftists have chosen to take the low road. They are using guerrilla tactics to intimidate people who they disagree with. Leftists have formed angry mobs, gone into restaurants, acted uncivilly, and disrupted their victim’s dinners. They also don’t give a crap about the other people that are trying to eat. That’s their goal. They want to piss off everybody so they’ll vote Republicans and Conservatives out of office all while scaring the crap out of their victims and their families.

The phony ‘fake news’ media have been downplaying the mobs and don’t think there’s a problem, but we know better. When Judge Brett Kavanaugh was going through the process of being confirmed to the Supreme Court, leftists mobs acted crazy and people have not forgotten. Fundraising rose significantly during that time for Republicans. Via Washington Examiner,

“Republican supporters are reacting to Democratic “mob” protests of President Trump and his Supreme Court pick with something that might be more important in the midterm congressional elections than signs and shouts — money and shoe leather.

“Republican National Committee officials have revealed that during the height of the fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the court, donations surged an unheard of 500 percent.

“And that followed another donor surge in the month before, including one day that marked the largest online fundraising day ever.

“What’s more, volunteers have flooded into party offices eager to help get out the vote in the midterm elections. One fact: 50 percent of those the party cold called to seek their help in the upcoming election committed to volunteering, far more than the typical 7 percent.

“The Left’s angry mob has Republicans energized,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel tweeted.”

A lot of us are still pissed off at what the Democrats did to Judge Kavanaugh and are voting red this November. President Trump hater Chelsea Handler may think it is funny that Tucker can’t go to restaurants anymore and thought it would be a good idea to take to Twitter and talk some trash. Handler tweeted,

“Tucker Carlson said he “can’t really” go to restaurants anymore because he gets yelled at. Try a drive-thru.”

People did not take kindly to Handler’s tweet and responded, like former professional baseball player Paul Avery who tweeted,

“You are a typical hypocritical Liberal…”party of free speech and inclusion…….unless you disagree with us then we will censor your speech”

We think User Rod Turner made a good point when he tweeted,

“Here is a thought Chelsea Handler how about we stop harassing those we disagree with, let’s allow people to live their lives and have different believes”

User Soul Hacker tweeted,

“That’s not America. If we can’t go places because of our beliefs, we are no better than the middle East or a backwards uncivilized 3rd world country. Is that what we want? Really? Stop and think a minute. It could be you next from the other side of the aisle. Love one another.”

Handler’s tweet caught the eye of blacklisted actor James Woods who has laid the smack down on her before and did it again by tweeting,

“Try a drive-thru.” “Isn’t that on your Tinder profile?”

Ouch, now that’s got to hurt! Several of Mr. Woods’ followers responded to his tweet, like user Jenifer Packer who tweeted,

“Mr. Woods, I just have to say I love your wit. It is fast, razor sharp and spot on. Thank you for sharing it with us!”

We 100% agree, Jenifer! User Roberta Reed tweeted,

“I would like for Chelsa Handler to go to a restaurant that she isn’t welcome in,then she would find out how lt is.then she could try a drive through.”

Do you think Handler is out of line with her tweet? Are you voting red this November? Leave a comment and let us know.

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