CHGA EP. 4 Pres. Trump Wants Refund For Fmr. Gov. Jerry Brown’s bullet train to nowhere.

Californians can’t catch a break. Their state has been over run by politicians who don’t care how much taxes their constituents pay. The list of taxes that are levied against it’s citizens is absolutely crazy and it is a shame. Now former Governor Jerry Brown’s bullet train to nowhere might be taking it’s final ride before it ever hits the tracks. The propaganda outfit, The Los Angeles Times, covered the story with a headline that read, “Bullet Train went for peak California innovation to the project for hell”. The article also said,Via The Los Angeles Times

“It was billed as the most ambitious public works project since the transcontinental railroad opened up the West.

The high-speed rail network would transform California — cleaner air, less congested freeways and airports, and more limited suburban sprawl with a whole new style of housing around rail stops.

“Fresno could become a bedroom community of the Silicon Valley,” the California High-Speed Rail Authority said a month before voters approved Proposition 1A in November 2008.

Yet bite after bite, huge cost overruns, mismanagement, political concessions and delays ate away at the sleek and soaring vision of a bullet train linking San Francisco to San Diego. A project meant to drive home California’s role as the high-tech vanguard of the nation was looking more and more like a pepped-up Amtrak route through the Central Valley.

During his first State of the State address Tuesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he was scaling back the $77-billion project. Though his wording was open to interpretation, it appeared to sound the death knell, not necessarily for the project itself, but for the original dream.

The Democratic governor said he supports finishing the controversial high-speed rail line between Bakersfield and Merced but needs to reassess the crucial legs connecting major urban centers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.”

Follow the link for the rest of the Los Angles Times story. The taxpayers should be given a refund. Thank you for your support.

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