CHGA Launches New Comedy Show Mocking Liberals

After months of development, Conservative Humor Gone Awry has finally launched their comedy channel on Youtube. They are attempting to level the playing field by using in your face characters such as Conservative host The Natural, Mr. Executive, Leftist Wiz Monty, Voice Over Actor ANNCR, and Conservative entrepreneur P. J. Shine aka (Percy Jacob Shine). All the characters are fictional of course, but they do hit home a solid message, they are not fans of the left except for Wiz.

People are tired of the same old crappy President Trump bashing so-called comedy shows. They are looking for something new and for someone to poke fun at such as Liberals, Democrats, actors, actresses, billionaires, and millionaires. We think here at Conservative Humor Gone Awry we are delivering the right product at the right time. We are pro President Trump, pro America, and we believe in individualism. We are 100% against Marxism, Communism, and most of all Socialism.

Conservative Humor Gone Awry is known for in your face memes that were distributed on leftist platforms. So, if you liked our memes check out our new show. We are attempting to bring you a new one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for your continued support and here are the links to our Comedy Shows. Have a great day!! 

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I am a Conservative American. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I am a Patriot who is fighting the lies of the phony Media and Liberals by calling out their bullsh*t and poking fun at it.