CNN’s Jake Tapper Takes To Twitter And Says That George Conway’s Tweet Calling President Trump ‘100% Insane’

George Conway has no love for President Trump and never misses his chance to hurl an insult or two his way. For some reason or another it appears he would love to see the President removed or resign from office. He thinks the President is unfit to serve. One could ask themselves why in the world would this man go after his wife’s boss? That my firends is the million dollar question! 

It is a shame that Kellyanne has to put up with his malarkey! You’d think he would want to support her and the President’s Conservative policies. How would he like it if Kellyanne was to go after his boss and talk all sorts of smack?! I’m sure he would not like it very much! 

I’m convinced that he has a case of Trump Deranged Syndrome (aka TDS) after he replied to Clara Jeffery’s tweet, saying, 

“He’s 100% insane, and nobody in the administration has the balls to tell him that.”

Jeffery’s tweet said “Either nobody in the Trump administration has the balls to tell Trump the truth or he is 100% insane. There’s really not a lot of middle ground.” As  you can see, Conway was just repeating some of what Jeffery tweeted. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper retweeted Conway’s tweet, but it no longer appears on his Twitter page. Tapper’s retweet caught the eye of news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro, who according to FOX News, ‘shared a screenshot of the alleged retweet and slammed CNN’s prominent political anchor’. Fondacaro tweeted,

This is the kind of crap @jaketapper retweets. He’s not a journalist, he’s an anti-Trump activist”

Tapper’s retweet might have disappeared, but he ended up tweeting his thoughts on Conway’s tweet and said,

“Noteworthy comment on folks in the administration from a Trump critic who knows a lot of them:”

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity is right, “journalism is dead!”

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