CO: Judge Hands Down Longest Sentence Ever For Human Trafficking Ring Leader

A judge at the Arapahoe County courthouse handed down what has been reported and is believed to be the longest sentence ever for the crime of human trafficking. A pimp by the name of named Brock Franklin received a sentence of 472 years. The charge that helped put this monster away was ‘operating an organized crime ring that put females into prostitution’. Franklin was also designated ‘a habitual offender’. One of his victims spoke about her ordeal. Brehannah Leary told  CBS 4 investigator Rick Sallinger that, “force was often used on them and every day the beatings, the name callings, the shavings of one’s head,” were used as tactics to control the women. Leary also said,

Brehannah Leary

“400 years, 500 years it’s a very long time. He’s never getting out of prison. It’s closure, but still doesn’t give me what I wanted.” Prosecutor Janet Drake who’s from the Colorado Attorney General’s office said,

“Well, obviously a 400-year sentence sends a strong message across the country.”

It was reported that the others involved in Franklin’s trafficking ring received less time.

At the end of the video Leary says, “I’ve got something going for me. I’m not just some prostitute.”

I think the judge did the right thing in this case. Brock Franklin is an evil monster whose goal in life was to exploit women for his own personal gain. Brock Franklin will no longer be able to roam free ever again on the streets and that’s a good thing.

He befriended Leary when she was needing help to cope with her problems. She had been kicked out by her husband. Instead of being a real friend, he used her troubles against her like the predator he is. Hopefully, karma will find its way back to Brock Franklin. May his suffering in the big house be legendary compared to what he did to the innocent girls in his human trafficking ring.

Source CBS Denver

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