Congressman Matt Gaetz Has Had Enough And Is Taking Action Against Chinese Government Owned Businesses.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is taking action against Chinese government owned businesses. He would like to make sure that they don’t receive any taxpayer dollars. He said in a tweet today, “I’m proud to introduce the “No CHINA Act” today, which prevents appropriated money, including coronavirus relief funds, from being disbursed to businesses owned by the Chinese government.” Every day since the virus has ramped up in Italy, the United States people and economy have been suffering. 

People are not working and governors have asked or issued a stay in place order in many states. A stimulus package worth several trillion dollars has been proposed and hopefully this legislation will make sure businesses owned by the Chinese government don’t receive funds. reported:

“Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) introduced legislation today to prevent any funds appropriated by the U.S. Congress, including coronavirus relief funds, from being distributed to businesses owned by the Chinese government. The “No CHINA (Chinese Handouts In National Assistance) Act” would ensure that American taxpayer dollars used in any COVID-19 funding package do not support the communist regime in China, or businesses owned by the Chinese government.

China’s inaction, distortion of data, and outright lies have exacerbated the global coronavirus epidemic, and helped fuel its rapid global spread. Under the “No CHINA Act,” companies owned by the Chinese government will not receive any American taxpayer dollars from Congressional aid packages.

“Every single American worker displaced by COVID19 should be fully compensated, before one nickel from our treasury goes to Chinese-owned corporations operating here in the United States. Full stop.

“The global coronavirus pandemic has been exacerbated by the Chinese government’s malicious misinformation and propaganda campaign against the United States and its citizens. Allowing American taxpayers’ money to go to companies owned by the Communist Chinese government is antithetical to our ‘America First’ agenda.'”

This is good news for the taxpayer. They should never be forced into funding those businesses especially after what I believe was the Chinese governments attempt to cover up the coronavirus. So much money has been lost, including our ability to socialize with friends and family. The world is paying the price with their freedoms and history will not judge them kindly! 

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