David Hogg Wants A Gun Tax, Gun Registration, and Gun Licensing (Just Like Cars)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School anti-gun activist David Hogg wants you to register your guns and have a license to use it just like they do for cars. Hogg has been ramping up his gun control rhetoric, aka talking points, by the liberals every day. He has a massive Twitter following and is able to get his anti-gun message out. Hogg tweeted,

“What if we taxed guns, made a gun registration process for them and had licensing for owners just like cars? We could use that money to help harden soft targets like schools and many other places with bulletproof windows and doors. #guntax for #GunSenseNow”

Timothy W Murray @timothywmurray thinks that Hogg’s tweet is a good strategy and that people would want to stop owning guns. Murray tweeted,

“Then we could raise those taxes so high that people would stop owning guns. That strategy got me to quit smoking 11 years ago.”

That’s a brilliant idea, Murray! I mean, who wouldn’t want to give up their guns because the government taxed their second amendment rights away?! That’s great that you quit smoking but that crap ain’t going to work.

The next anti-gun Twitter user, Chrisby @Astijesse, thinks it’s also a good idea that you should carry a photo ID and pay for insurance. She tweeted,

“Maybe folks won’t be able to purchase a gun due to longer and better-vetted background checks, having to pay insurance, maybe carry photo ID. So that’s a good thing. If you can’t afford the insurance, you shouldn’t have a gun.”

Not all agree with David on his Twitter thread. Scott Anderson @deltatraveler21 tweeted,

“Boss Hogg still can’t answer basic questions this puppet is a joke.”

Some Twitter users even suggested taxing the ammo and this was met with an immediate response by Chris Monti @ToxicExplodley. Monti tweeted,

“Great then no one would sharpen their skills at the range if they are worried about the price of ammo skyrocketing.”
Monti also tweeted,

“So we screw private security individuals & anyone else who is a law-abiding citizen 4 the actions of a few? What happened in Parkland was the result of liberals changing the criminal justice system for funding. The Promise program hid the numerous warning flags from the FBI NICS.”

David Hogg thinks it’s hilarious when it comes to ‘conspiracy theorists’ and is proud of his newfound celebrity. He thanked all his anti-gun, second amendment hating supporters. Hogg tweeted,

“Just wanted to remind you guys that I love all of you thank you so much both the hilarious conspiracy theorists you make me laugh every day (not easy to do as @cameron_kasky knows) and to all the people that support the cause as well, love you guys.”

If you think what David Hogg is doing, especially openly advocating against our gun rights, is ok, you’re a fool! Hogg’s tweets get out to thousands of anti-gun hating folks who think they have the right to infringe on our second amendment rights. I will write and report when I can about this phony movement that was built on the blood of 17 innocent lives. We will not bow down to this BS! What do you think about this tweet? Leave a comment and let us know.

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