Dear National Anthem Kneelers, We The Fans Pay The Bills

Dear national anthem kneelers from the NFL and all other sports, we the fans pay the bills and you’re making it hard for us to tune in and watch. We know that the United States is a jacked up place right now and we have Obama to thank for that. We do not pay to watch your sporting events to be reminded of problems, we pay to be entertained so we can forget for a few hours.

You see, our butts have to go back to an eight hour a day job! That’s right, eight hours of our lives taken away and given to a company 5 days a week. Some of us are required to wear uniforms, suits, and ties, but unlike you, our company is considered private and we have no First Amendment rights. Oh, wait, the NFL is private and you have no First Amendment rights either.



You’re lucky because the owners value you and your kneeling more than the Military and the hard working Americans that spend the money to go see you. Because if they didn’t, they would not let you kneel in their uniforms during the National Anthem.


It takes a lot of money and time to get our butts into the seat to see you on Sunday. You’re not making this easy though, for some unknown reason, you have allowed the poison of politics to enter your sport. This could put your organization out of business.



We the viewers are the ones paying the bills so when we see your asses kneeling while the national anthem is playing, it makes us sick to our stomach! It ruins the game! It takes the fun out of what we spent hundreds of dollars to have!


It ruins your cause and makes us not give a sh*t! You’re paid an awesome amount of money, something that we will never see unless we won the lottery (LOL) and we are 100% cool with that. We endorse capitalism but we do not endorse your kneeling!



This kneeling thing is not in your best interest. Your social justice message is lost and from what we can tell it’s all about hating President Trump. That’s your right, it’s just that we don’t need to be reminded of it when we are watching a game. With that said, thank you for taking the time to read this letter.




Signed, The fans that pay your bills


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