Don Jr. Says Hunter Biden Is ‘Dodging Child Support’ Because He’s Not Going To Show For His Deposition

Hunter Biden will not be attending his deposition in a paternity case that was to be held tomorrow in Arkansas. Lunden Roberts has claimed that Hunter is the father of her child which he had previously denied. A DNA test was taken and the results proved he was indeed the father. Hunter’s lawyers told the judge in the case that he would not be making the trip. According to The Washington Examiner,

The “Defendant requests continuance of the hearing as he is unavailable to attend due to his wife’s due date in 2 and a half weeks or less and risks involved with travel,” the court filing read. 

“It is unsafe for the Defendant to travel, as travel restrictions have been implemented both domestically and internationally, particularly on airlines, due to the Coronavirus. Setting aside personal endangerment, Defendant reasonably believes that such travel unnecessarily exposes his wife and unborn child to this virus. California, in particular, has been the site of numerous reported cases of exposure,” the filing continued.”

Donald Trump Jr. picked up on the story that was tweeted by The Daily Caller and shared the link by saying,

“You guys think the media would let me get away with this bullshit if i was dodging child support like Hunter? #WheresHunter”

Several users responded like Jul who tweeted,

“Ummm, NO!  They would haul you off real fast!  But then again, Don Jr. you would NEVER be in that position because you were brought up with integrity, honor and good family values.”

Joel Cloyd tweeted,

“Nope….you’d already be in custody without a doubt. I’m ready for this degenerate to be perp-walked.”

User Laurentius Espen tweeted,

“He’s a Dem, what do ya expect. Laws, rules, and procedures only apply to the rest of us. They’re exempt.”

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