Donna Brazile Receives Brutal Responses For Tweeting “Trump Is Going To Cheat” Story

Fox News Contributor Donna Brazile posted an article on her Twitter account that was just another negative story about President Trump. The story was written by Sarada Peri who was a senior speechwriter for former President Obama. The story was released by ‘The Atlantic’ and titled, “Trump Is Going To Cheat.” In her piece, Peri says the economic recovery “yielded greater success” under President Obama and the budget that Trump would like to pass would cut “Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, and a host of other popular programs.”

Peri rants about how President Trump claimed “Hurricane Dorian was headed toward Alabama” and claims he “displayed a doctored map to cover his tracks, and his chief of staff made the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration release a statement defending his lie.” 

Peri says the Democratic nominee will have to deal with not only lying but also cheating and used an ‘analogy’ given by journalist, Katy Tur. When Brazile tweeted the link, she only used the title.

“Trump Is Going to Cheat – The Atlantic”

Brazile’s post struck a nerve and received several brutal responses, like from user Laurel Catherine who tweeted,

“Coming from Donna Brazile, the Presidential Debate Cheater who snuck the debate questions to the Democrat candidate ahead of the actual debate ..THIS HAS TO BE a JOKE”

User Joe M called Brazile a “hypocrite” and tweeted,

“You mean like you cheated when gave debate questions to Hillary to give her an unfair advantage over Trump? Hypocrite.”

User TenNamesLater tweeted,

“What an absolute disgraceful thing to accuse @realDonaldTrump! YOU of all people, the one who CHEATED in 2016 by giving Hillary the debate questions. HOW DARE YOU? And how dare @FoxNews for having the likes of you on their network. @TuckerCarlson @HARRISFAULKNER @MelissaAFrancis”

User Susan UnitedWeStand said that Brazile is the “true cheater” and tweeted,

“Says the True Cheater. Newsflash… @realDonaldTrump doesn’t need to cheat at anything. He’s brilliant. Americans need to wake up from the pure BS Propaganda. Your whole party is Corrupt. “Cheating” should be the Dem Slogan.”

As we get closer to the election I would expect to see things ramp up on all sides and anything coming from Donna Brazile’s mouth or Twitter account, I would not take to seriously.

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