Fmr. Parkland Student has the guts to tweet @Flotus — His Followers then Insult & Body Shame Her with Memes

WASHINGTON D.C. — First Lady Melania Trump came under fire from Former Parkland student activist, David Hogg. Trump made an appearance at Microsoft’s Washington D.C office where she ‘listened to students discussing the importance of online civility.’ Via The Hill,

“The meeting with the 15 students was part of her Be Best Campaign, which encourages children to be kind on social media.

“The students had provided Microsoft with feedback about online safety and responsibility, and on Thursday told Trump about their work with the company’s Council for Digital Good.

“To see students taking action and being positive leaders in the digital world for youth is exactly what Be Best is focused on,” Trump said in a statement about the event. “Peer-to-peer leadership can be one of the strongest influences on our children.”

“Using their artistic talents, these students provide unique perspectives on how youth should conduct themselves responsibly online,” Trump continued, thanking Microsoft for hosting her.”

The News article was tweeted out by the official Hill Twitter page,

“Melania meets with students to discuss “Be Best Campaign” and civility on social media”

Hogg picked up on the Hill’s tweet and felt the need to go and pop off and tweeted,

“.@FLOTUS start with your husband.”

Several of Hogg’s minions (aka followers) responded by insulting the first lady and body shaming her like user Veronica who tweeted a meme, with 6 of the former First Ladies and a naked Melania. Veronica tweeted,

“Be best?”

User Hey_joeb felt the need to also tweet a nude pic of the First Lady,

“Then handed out 8×10 photos suitable for autographing.”

User David Cohen responded to user Veronica’s tweet with an obscenity. Cohen tweeted,

“Nice ass @FLOTUS foot. Whore”

User Mac McKinsey thought it would be a good idea to invoke Putin in his insulting tweet which read,

“Dont fuck with me… My husband is married to Vladimir Putin”

Conservative Humor Gone searched up-and-down Hogg’s tweet to see if there was any opposition and we could only find 4. Two of the tweets have already been removed either by Hogg or his handlers. Apparently, he doesn’t like anyone calling him out for his hypocrisy. A few months ago we could find plenty of patriots that we’re fighting his lies but that all seems to have disappeared, but we have a few of them, like user User Joseph Barone tweeted,

“Sad little boy. You are not intelligent enough to realize a comment like that is the reason @FLOTUS needs to address civility on social media.”

User Italian Conservative thinks Hogg needs to learn respect and tweeted,

“Maybe she should meet with you and teach you something about RESPECT!”

User David Howard tweeted,

“ooga booga libtard logic”

Apparently, all the trash talking aimed at the First Lady did not sit well with user David Goldberg. He felt the need to tweet a meme that was removed by Hogg or one of his handlers. Goldberg tweeted,

“David Hogg: “F*** You!” Also Hogg: “We need to come together.” Hogg: “F*** Republicans!” Also Hogg: “We need to work together.” Hogg: “F*** gun owner!” Also Hogg: “This isn’t me vs. you. We need to come together.” I think David Hogg is bipolar.”

You know, you might be on to something, Mr. Goldberg! That’s all we could find that came to the defense of Melania. Liberals are proving every day that they are the ones who are intolerant and have no problem body shaming women. They are hypocrites and they have been exposed by President Trump and his supporters. What do you think about Hogg tweeting at First Lady Melania Trump? Do you think he needs to grow up? Leave a comment and let us know.

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