Footage Of Don Jr.’s Book Being Covered Up Has Been Posted To Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. has been touring the country promoting his new book, “Triggered, How the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us.” He has done several radio interviews, appeared on “The View” and “Life, Liberty & Levin”. It appears people might be triggered by his book and are trying to silence him by screwing up his book sales. They are hiding his books with other books in stores, then filming and posting their evil deeds to social media sites like, Twitter.

James Woods’ girlfriend, Sara Miller, shared a tweet from an account called, Snarky Stardust which shows this happening. Snarky’s page description says, “Pro-equality. Pro-science. I’m a little ray of f**king sunshine. Pull up a chair, buy me a chai, and let’s discuss dismantling the Republican Party,” so you know where they’re coming from. 

In the footage, an unknown person is shown using the book, “The Mueller Report”, to cover Don’s book. The unknown person may be the one who runs the Snarky Stardust account because they tweeted along with the footage, 

“I stopped at the bookstore tonight.”

The Snarky Stardust tweet drew a massive response garnishing over 100k likes and over 18k in retweets. In the comments section, a user by the name of, Fennec Shand i mean Jess™, filmed Don’s book in a Barnes and Noble store that was covered by a “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book. I don’t know if Fennec Shand i mean Jess™ is the one who covered the book, but it appears they thought it was funny and tweeted the footage saying,

“Lol I went to Barnes and Noble and found this”

User Deb Grojean tweeted, 

“Today, I did the same thing at Costco! Covered Junior with Rachel Maddow.”

I have not read Donald Trump Jr.’s book but judging from the title alone, I think he nailed it!

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