Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Criticized President Trump Today In A Tweet, Telling Him, ‘Before Sending Anyone Back To Their Jobs, You Should Try Doing Yours’

Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has no love lost for President Trump. She seems to never miss a chance to criticize him. The President is doing his best to get America rolling again and is trying to help solve the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping through the country. It has cost our economy big time and has put millons of Americans out of work.

Non-essential businesses have been forced to close their doors because of social distancing policies. Many bars and restaurants are fighting just to stay a float. The President knows this and is expected to sign a multi-trillion dollar stimulus bill soon that a lot of people need and are counting on. 

People are suffering and I’m guessing that they don’t want hear politicians fighting and insulting each other. It doesn’t help the cause! The President would like to see Americans go back to work sooner than later as long as it is safe. The President cares about his fellow Americans and has worked countless hours and even donates his presidential salary. He’s doing his job to the best of his abilities.  

Hillary Clinton seems to disagree and took to Twitter to let her followers know by tweeting, 

“Before sending anyone back to their jobs, @realdonaldtrump, you should try doing yours.

Serveral people responded to Hillary’s tweet, like Trevor who tweeted,

“Not even a global pandemic will stop you from being bitter because you lost your election 4 years ago. Will you ever move on…?”

Tim Young tweeted,

“He is doing his job… He’s President of the United States… you wouldn’t get it… because you’re not and never will be.”

Daddy Long Legs tweeted,

“He doing his job, the one you wanted”

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