Gen. Calls AR-15 “Full Semi Automatic” in Straw Man Video

CNN was at it again yesterday pushing the liberal agenda on guns. They love twisting their words so the story fits their narrative. They decided to do a test on an AR-15 rifle to show their audience a demonstration of how it worked.

They had retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling and reporter Gary Tuchman firing the rifle. Tuchman looked scared and like a little kid when he was firing the rifle. The Lieutenant General was talking about the rifle after firing a few times. Herling said,

“If I wanted to fire this on “Full Semi-Automatic”, all I do is keep on firing. Now, I probably won’t hit the target when I do this. When we look at the target later on, but I’m going to fire 5 shots”.

The narrator starts talking about the rifle in a concerned voice and says,

“It’s a weapon designed to inflict maximum damage”.

This is all designed to scare people into believing that all rifles are a bad thing and gun owners are irresponsible. CNN along with the rest of the fake news media has it out for the NRA and law-abiding gun owners, especially after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

These clowns will stop at nothing to try and get any kind of gun legislation passed that takes away our rights. It makes me sick to see all the blatant attacks from the fake news media on our second amendment rights. We the people are wise to you and we will not be conned into giving up our rights. What do you think about this CNN story? Leave a comment and let us know.S

Source CNN

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