Grand Jury Indicts Fmr. Democrat Lawmaker On Charges Of Wire Fraud, Bribery, Attempted Extortion

CINCINNATI, OH— Former councilwoman Tamaya Dennard has been indicted on multiple charges by a grand jury. The lawmaker was arrested by the FBI last month while getting some coffee and was charged with attempted extortion, wire fraud, and bribery. Dennard resigned this month from the city council. After her arrest she posted a statement to her Facebook account saying,

“During this incredibly dark and difficult time, I want to thank you for all of the love you’ve sent my way. The messages, prayers, hugs, the “thinking about you’s” have helped more than you can imagine. Going through hard times have a way of revealing things both about yourself and others. Thank you to everyone who has made a conscious decision to allow me due process before casting judgment. Judgment is so easy. Thank you to everyone who believes in and affirms my goodness. More than anything, I just wanted you to know that I’m alright. #BendButDontBreak”

According to WLWT5, 

“At the heart of the federal case against Dennard is this description from the complaint: “Dennard agreed to vote for the Hilltop land swap proposal in exchange for $10,000. She further agreed to a payment of $5,000 following a second vote.”

“Federal authorities have bank records, text messages and Florida flight ticket bookings as evidence against her. Specifically, she’s accused of wire fraud, bribery and attempted extortion. The serious sound of those charges is underscored by the potential prison time, up to 50 years if convicted.”

A post by Scott Ford on Twitter started a Conversation about Tamaya Dennard being arrested. Ford tweeted,

“#BREAKING: Cincinnati Democrat Council member Tamaya Dennard arrested on federal charges. City Hall is in turmoil.”

TC4582 #Qanon Research, Review, Realize responded to Ford’s tweet,

“We ALL need to PAY CLOSE attention to our local elections. THESE are what is is destroying our cities and towns!!!”

She knew what she was doing and we need to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions. The charges are serious and if convicted she should do some prison time! No one is above the law!  

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