Harvey Weinstein’s Publicist Says, He Recently Got Hurt At Rikers Island Jail

Disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein is currently housed at Rikers Island jail after being convicted of rape last month. On Sunday morning, Weinstein fell and and now ‘thinks he has a concussion’. During his trial, Weinstein was seen entering and leaving court with a walker and has had some documented heart problems. 

Weinstein was feeling ‘dizzy’ before he took a tumble, according to his Spokesperson, Juda Englemayer who told CNN about the incident. Weinstein is still awaiting sentencing where he could possibly be facing a few decades behind bars. KTLA’s channel 5, that’s based out of southern California, also picked up the story and tweeted,

“Harvey Weinstein injured in fall in Rikers Island jail, media report says”

Several people resoponded, like user Tony Beck who tweeted,

“All to delay the next court case I guess”

Tony Beck again tweeted,

“Perhaps a padded cell would be appropriate”

User R.S. tweeted,

“Maybe Gayle and Oprah can help him out???”

It appears karma is finally catching up the convicted rapist. I believe there will be many other things that are going to go wrong for Harvey! What he was accused and convicted of was horrific. Now he’s paying the price and I am happy to see that justice is being served. Anything that happens to him, I believe he deserves!

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