Hero K9 Who Saved Partner’s Life Receives Big Honor Before Retiring

MASSACHUSETTS— K9 Dax who works for the Ashland Police department saved his partner’s life back in 2013. A man who was barricaded with a shotgun was bitten by Dax when he ‘reached for it’, which allowed officers enough time to take the suspect down. His partner and handler Officer Chris Alberin said, “it’s been my absolute pleasure and honor to be his handler.” Officer Alberin also said, “I think everybody in the department believes at least one or two cops would have been killed that day if it wasn’t for him.” 

The media spoke with Officer Alberin after the situation happened and he said he was, “completely indebted. I remember sitting at home with him afterwards and just looking at him, couldn’t believe this dog who is my partner in the car everyday saved my life.”  

Dax was the first K9 to receive the ‘Hannah Memorial Award’ for bravery. K9 Dax was promoted to sergeant before he retired and a received a final radio call. Also said, “the town has declared February 20th to be known as Dax Day.”

Ashland Police Department posted to their page on Facebook saying, “At last evening’s Board of Select Persons Meeting, a ceremony was held acknowledging the retirement of our beloved K9 Dax and recognizing him for his 11 years of dedicated service to the Ashland Police Department and community. As is customary, he was also promoted to the rank of Sergeant. K9 Dax is a dual purpose K9 trained in patrol and narcotic functions.

“In his career, he had over 50 people finds, 16 violent apprehensions, and over 100 street narcotics finds. As a SWAT trained K9, he and his handler were members of the METROLEC SWAT Team with dozens of SWAT deployments under their belt, including the Boston Marathon bombing response and subsequent search in Watertown. In addition, K9 Dax was also the recipient of the prestigious Hanna 

“Award Medal of Valor and National Hero Dog award winner. The members of the Ashland Police Department wish you a well-deserved and happy and healthy retirement Dax. Thank you for your service and for protecting our Officers and community. We will certainly miss you! K9 Dax, you are officially 10-8. We love you boy!”

Source: WBZ News

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