Hilarious! Parody Account Fools People With Colin Kaepernick Bogus Headline

TWITTER— Parody accounts, you might have seen them if you have use social media. There are many different kinds. Some accounts use the real names and pictures of products, businesses, actors, actresses, sports stars, and politicians. 

Some of these accounts can grow to over 100k in page likes and followers. Often, it can be hard to determine if it is a real account. You have to really pay attention or you’ll be fooled, like some people who use the social network platform known as Twitter. 

Today, a parody account that was using the name, Sports Center and goes by the handle, @SuperToughScene, has pulled the wool over may users eyes. They tweeted fake news about Colin Kaepernick who is a very controversial figure,

 “JUST IN: The New York Jets have signed free agent QB Colin Kaepernick to a 1 year / $9 million contract.”

Kaepernick, who once lead his team to the Super Bowl and lost to the Ravens, ended up pissing of people off when he started kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. Kaepernick has not been re-signed or suited up for an NFL team since his contract ended. He filed a grievance against the NFL, then withdrew it after he was given an undisclosed settlement. 

The bogus tweet garnered all sorts of responses, likes and retweets. Here are few, like from Gray Mason who tweeted,


Monique On The Go tweeted,

“I might be a @nyjets Fan for a while!!”

When I first came across the post from the parody account, it showed Sports Center,

Sport Center Fake

And, now it shows Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report Fake

You never can tell with these accounts what you’re going to get, but in the end, you can’t help but chuckle when you see people fooled.  

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