Hillary Uses The “America First” Quote In Comparison To Coronavirus Stats — Dan Bongino Responds By Tweeting, “A disgusting tweet, from the most disgusting person I ever worked with in the Secret Service.”

Hillary Clinton went after President Trump on Twitter. Although she didn’t mention his name in her tweet, she did, however; use his “America First” quote in comparison to the virus.. One might say she is still a very bitter person and has never gotten over losing to President Trump in 2016. She never seems to miss a chance to criticize him especially now that we are experiencing one of the worst pandemics in over a 100 years. 

Yesterday, she went after the President by tweeting, “Before sending anyone back to their jobs, @realdonaldtrump, you should try doing yours.” She might think that she would be doing a better job managing the crisis than him. I don’t thinks so! Also, I don’t believe the statistics that China has been circulating. Unfortunately, the United States now leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases, according to a New York Times headline, which Hillary tweeted a link to her Twitter account saying,

“He did promise “America First.”

Hillary’s tweet caught the eye of former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, who did not take kindly to her words and tweeted,

“A disgusting tweet, from the most disgusting person I ever worked with in the Secret Service.”

Thank you for your service Dan! Serveral people responded to the tweets, like DeAnna For Congress who would like to unseat Nancy Pelosi this fall, tweeted,

“You are truly sick and callous. Life means nothing to you and you’ve proven that at every single chance you’ve gotten!”

Tim Young tweeted,

“This is some low bullsh*t… even for you.”

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