James Woods Can’t Make Sense Of Parkland Student’s Valley Girl Style Tweet — “Or y’all could attually just like you know talk to us”

Anti-Gun activist David Hogg is traveling the country with the propaganda outfit March For Our Lives. He is advocating for new gun control legislation and is trying to get as many young people registered to vote and make that a reality. He wants to get rid of pro second amendment candidates and replace them with people that will not take money from the NRA. He blames them for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting instead of the failed leadership. According to Miami Hearld.com,

“Fifteen students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High are suing top Broward County leaders, school personnel and law enforcement officers who they say are responsible for the physical and emotional harm suffered during the Feb. 14 school shooting.

“The suit, filed Wednesday in federal court, seeks compensatory damages from Broward County, school resource officer Scot Peterson, Sheriff Scott Israel, Captain Jan Jordan, Superintendent Robert Runcie, school monitor Andrew Medina and three unnamed law enforcement officers who they say took cover instead of confronting shooter Nikolas Cruz.

“The plaintiffs request that a jury determine the damages to be paid.
The plaintiffs allege that Peterson and Medina acted with “extreme deliberate indifference” by failing to stop or engage Cruz before he carried out his attack.

“The suit calls out Jordan, who gave the order to “stage” instead of attacking the shooter, and Israel and Runcie for knowing about the threat posed by Cruz and failing to implement safety measures. The students claim the defendants violated their civil rights by displaying “conscious-shocking conduct” on Feb. 14.”

The article does not mention Hogg being part of the lawsuit. Hogg’s propaganda tour has not gone unnoticed. Apparently, The Utah Gun Exchange has been following the tour around the country and holding their own rallies to counter their crap. According to The Salt Lake Tribune,

“An owner of a Utah online gun marketplace has taken the company’s military-style armored vehicle on the road, following these students and holding counter-rallies. That includes urging its members to attend a March for Our Lives town hall in Salt Lake County this weekend, which is led by some of the Parkland, Fla., victims.

“Bryan Melchior, a co-owner of the Utah Gun Exchange, is now on the Gulf Coast in Florida, staging to attend town halls organized by the Parkland teenagers. So far the pro-gun group at these events has been limited to Melchior and his seven traveling companions, though they urge supporters to attend any event intended to push for new gun restrictions.”

The Salt Lake Tribune article caught the eye of Hogg who tweeted,

“Or y’all could attually just like you know talk to us.”

The Utah Gun Exchange picked up on Hogg’s tweet and responded by tweeting,

“Every event we’ve gone you have not allowed us to talk to you. Just yesterday we were asked to leave. We want to fix the problem and bring both sides together. Let’s talk workwithus@utahgunexchange.com”

Hogg responded in what we think was a very cocky manner when he tweeted,

“Which ones because I’ve spoken to counter-protestors in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio and I don’t remember seeing Y’all, but I’d be happy to speak. I wish we could have spoken in Chicago but I heard from local PD that you were escorted off the premises.”

Utah Gun Exchange responded back to Hogg, this time providing a video of one of his comrades, Cameron Kasky,

“Before we were asked to leave in Chicago @cameron_kasky found out by talking with us that we aren’t actually what narrative tells. And we aren’t against you, we just have a different solution.”

We are not able to get any more replies to the conversation string due to Twitter’s bs excuse of, “This conversation has too many replies to show them all.” Yeah, right!
Hogg’s tweet caught the eye of actor James Woods who could not make sense of the valley girl style tweet and tweeted,

“Run that by us again in English…”

Several of Mr. Woods followers responded to his tweet. Apparently, a majority are not fans of Hogg, like user Kathie who tweeted,

“May I mamboo dogface through the banana patch?” Is that what he said?”

User HarleyDad for Trump tweeted,

“@davidhogg111 Or y’all could like stop eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms and read the Constitution or a Civics book.”

That would be a good start but that ain’t going to happen! He’s only interested in himself and making as much money as possible. Remember, he’s an opportunist, who is riding around on a bus having a good time at the expense his dead classmates in the name of gun-control!

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