James Woods Cleverly Fixes Rep. Adam Schiff’s Statement Agreeing With SPKR Pelosi

President Trump hater Rep. Adam Schiff made a statment about impeachment and how he agreed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The video was posted by The Hill and retweeted by blacklisted actor, James Woods. In the video Rep. Schiff said,

“What will be necessary to make an impeachment a bipartisan process would have to be extraordinarily clear and compelling. I don’t foreclose that possibility of the Muller investigation will produce that or that our own will. But, I think the Speaker is absolutely right. In it’s absence, an impeachment becomes a partisan exercise doomed for failure. And I see little to be gained by putting the Country through that kind of wrenching experience, as I’ve often remarked in past, the only thing worse than putting the Country through the trauma of an impeachment, is putting the Country through the trauma of a failed impeachment.” 

Woods did not waste any time posting a clever response to Rep. Schiff’s statement and you can hear it read by Conservative Humor Gone Awry’s very own, ‘The Natural’ by clicking on the video below.

Woods tweeted,

“The whole Russia scam is about to blow up in my lying face…” “Fixed it for you, Shifty…”

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