James Woods & Dana Loesch Spring Into Action To Help A Suicidal Veteran — “If only Andrew could see the THOUSANDS of fellow Americans who are pulling for him.”

Blacklisted actor James Woods has been super busy helping his fellow Americans using his Twitter account. Recently, he turned his feed into an information hub posting updates on missing people from the ‘Camp Fire’ in Northern California. Via CBS San Francisco,

“Families across California and the country got help from actor James Woods as they searched desperately for relatives missing in the devastating Camp Fire.

“The Emmy-Award winning and Oscar-nominated actor turned his official Twitter page — @RealJamesWoods — into a site where relatives could post pleas for any word on their lost loved ones.”

“To all my wonderful followers,” Woods posted. “I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts tonight connecting people with lost loved ones in the terrible #CampFire. Your thousands of retweets of invaluable information literally saved lives. God bless you all.”

Mr. Woods also cares about our great veterans and when one was in need, he jumped into action and didn’t hesitate to use his Twitter feed. Veteran Andrew MacMasters was feeling suicidal and took to his Twitter account to let people know that he wanted to kill himself and Tweeted,

“I’m on Twitter every day, I retweet all the time but this is the first tweet I’ve ever written. I’m a good guy, I’m a veteran, I love America. I’m gonna kill my self tonight. I’ve lost everything I have nobody, nobody cares. Im in a parking lot with my dog and everything I own. Bye”

Mr. Woods caught wind of MacMaster’s tweet and reached out to the Orlando Police by tweeting,

“Hello, @OrlandoPolice. A man named Andrew MacMasters just said on @Twitter that he is sitting in a parking lot and is going to kill himself. He’s sitting with his dog, a black lab, possibly in a WalMart parking lot. Can you do a #WelfareCheck? He is a Marine Vet. His tweet:”

Mr. Woods also called the Maitland PD to let them know about the situation. Woods tweeted,

“Okay. Just talked to Maitland Police. The dispatch supervisor there was terrific. He’s confident they will find him. I gave Billy, the dispatcher, Andrew’s home address and the info a reliable source DMed me. They are all over this.”

Mr. Woods tweeted again,

“Andrew wasn’t at his home address. @PoliceMaitland is getting assistance from neighboring agencies. They are really on this.”

Mr. Woods continued his effort and tweeted,

“If only Andrew could see the THOUSANDS of fellow Americans who are pulling for him. It’s like he’s lost behind enemy lines and we are cheering him home, willing him to survive. Andrew, do this for the “other 21” vets a day who don’t make it home from the darkness. Stay alive!”

Mr. Woods responded to user Pollyanna who asked, “I found a family friend of Andrew’s via his FB. She is in contact with Andrew’s mom, they are trying to find George, Andrew’s brother…to get Andrew’s cell number. Can the WalMart parking lots get checked??”

“The Maitland PD are checking everywhere. I gave them my number. Andrew was following me, so I thought maybe he would like to talk some things over. They’re going to give him my number if they find him and we can just talk until sunrise. A new day always helps.”

Radio host and National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch was working just as hard when she became aware of MacMaster’s urgent situation. Loesch tweeted several times and ended up making contact with Mr. Woods along the way.

“No my dude stop — do you want to talk? See this and DM me.

“@macmasters_a You have a lot of folks pulling for you. Gallant Few —> 1-800-273-8255 a great group you can talk with as well. cc @gallantfew”

“FYI folks Tweeting about our veteran in need. @ceastwoo can you let us know when he’s found?”

“@OrangeCoSheriff — please help a vet in need — Andrew MacMasters in Orlando:”

“See DM.”

“Twitter, sometimes I love you so much. This is one of them. Prayer is powerful and it works. Please keep them going for our vet. Please pray that he’s found safe.
No one is ever alone — I hope every vet out there reading this knows it, too.”

“They’re looking everywhere. Several veterans’ groups on standby ready to assist when needed.”

Mr. Woods tweeted and replied to several more tweets.

“Thank you. By the way @GarySinise has a fantastic foundation that helps vets. I’ve known Gary for years, and he’s the real deal.”

“I’m hoping this is true. I think now he probably needs less focus on him from all of us, while his loved ones give him the solace he needs. Thanks to all of you who worked to save a valuable life. My heart breaks for the other 21 vets and others who didn’t make it tonight.”

Today, Loesch retweeted information that was provided by Joel Fischer. According to his Twitter profile, he’s a ‘Business Owner, Vice Chairman for Social Affairs of Kings County GOP, Advisory Council for @TPUSA, Proud capitalist, and Hates Big Government.’ Fischer tweeted,

“BREAKING! @PoliceMaitland just spoke with Andrew McMaster. He is in safe and in good condition. Thank you all. God bless our veterans”

At this time, Conservative Humor Gone Awry has not heard nor seen any other information about Andrew MacMasters. We hope he is able to receive the help he deserves and we thank him for his service.

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