James Woods Mocks Alyssa Milano For Asking — Is Pres. Trump Using Some “Cult Like Force” To Sway People

Ever since blacklisted actor James Woods was freed from Twitter jail he has been on roll. He latest victim is President Trump and Second Amendment hater, Alyssa Milano. She has found a way to make herself relevant again and is using her celebrity status to try and influence people to vote for the Democrats this fall. Milano has been in the news as of late, as she was seated almost directly behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court hearing. She was a guest of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Via the propaganda outfit Yahoo.com,

“Today’s senate hearing involving Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford has drawn the masses to TV screens across the nation, and has inspired survivors of sexual assault to come forward with their own stories.

“And inside the chamber, actress Alyssa Milano, a leading figure in the #MeToo movement, was present at the hearing, and could be seen sitting behind Kavanaugh as he gave his opening statement.

“Earlier on Thursday, the actress tweeted a photo from the hearing and expressed her support for Ford, who’s accused Kavanaugh — a nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court — of sexually assaulting her at a gathering in 1982.

“I felt like I needed to be here to show my solidarity for Dr. Ford,” Milano said on Thursday, according to ABC News. “On this day that will be very difficult for her.”

“Milano also recorded a portion of the hearing in which Kavanaugh interrupted a senator during questioning. In the caption, she wrote, “if a woman were to yell, interrupt and cry while being questioned, people would call her unhinged or say she had a meltdown.”

At the hearing, Milano had the audacity to display her “believe woman” sign, but did not have her cell phone confiscated as reported by  Newsweek.com,

“Update I Actress Alyssa Milano said reports that her phone was taken away during Thursday’s Brett Kavanaugh hearing are false. However, her protest sign was removed from the room.

“P.S. I did not have my phone confiscated as proven by the fact that I didn’t stop making social media posts,” Milano tweeted Friday. “I did have my, “believe woman” sign confiscated though. And a policeman warned me about taking video on my phone.”

Milano made an appearance on the propaganda outlet MSNBC while the Kavanaugh hearing was still on going. She ranted and said she was full of “rage” and “couldn’t sleep at all last night.” As the interview continued on, Milano was asked what she thought about President Trump’s message resonating with his supporters. Milano’s answer shows you how leftists think when she said,

“do they agree with him or is he using some cult like force to try and make them see that.”

A clip of Milano’s answer was posted to Twitter by user David Croom who tweeted,

“Alyssa Milano says Trump uses a “cult like force” to control people….”

Mr. Croom’s tweet caught the eye of Mr. Woods who absolutely clowns Milano by tweeting,

“Yes, dear. And fortunately they have some new tinfoil hats shaped like handmaiden bonnets to block the rays of that mean “cult like force.” Buy yourself one!”

Several of Mr. Wood’s followers responded like user Mir who took offense to Milano’s comments and tweeted,

“I take offense to the “cult like force” comment! I am definitely riding the RED wave! It is the unhinged Democrats and their new initiative of embracing socialism and backing candidates and advocates that are anti Semitic that have solidified my choice of who I am backing!”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Mir! User Adina Popa Hart tweeted,

“Milano and ford should get together and start a gofund me for kids that actually have been abused!! Since they talk such a big talk!! Come on girls give your lives actual meaning and do good for people that need it instead of trying to destroy innocent lives”

What do you think about Milano’s cult comment? Do you think she’s mentally ill and should seek help? Did you watch any of her TV shows? Do you think she’s a has been actress and is out for attention for herself? Leave a comment and let us know.

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