James Woods Mocks Bernie Sanders’ Fan Who Melts Down In Viral Video

A girl crying hysterically, in video that went viral, over presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is racking up likes, retweets and comments on Twitter. In the upper half of the video, is a description that says, “my mom recorded me having a meltdown because I just want Bernie to win.” In the lower half of the video a description says, “My dad in the background is just telling me its okay because one time we ate in the exact seat Bernie sat in at a restaurant.”    

In the upper left hand corner of the video is a symbol for the social network site Tik Tok, where the video is originally from. Conservative Humor Gone Arwy.com, found that the girl in the video goes by the handle of @lauren.livia. According to her account profile, it says Massachusetts and that she is a vaccinated broke college student.

Screen grab from Tik Tok @lauren.livia.

The video was posted to Twitter by user Karli Q who tweeted,

“The snow is melting already!”

Serveal users responded, like Ann4Truth who tweeted,

“They really made them weak. How sad. If she knew how much Trump wants to help people, not only people but ALL humanity!!!”

Arthur Puccini tweeted,

“Ffs instead of recording a video her parents should explain capitalism to her and why they have nice things and people in Venezuela don’t.”

Mama20045 tweeted,

“Good grief, if her school isn’t closed from the meltdown precautions of the virus she will have to miss school over Bernie not taking us to the bread lines. #SnowflakesForBernie”

Karli Q’s tweet caught the eye of actor James Woods who, as always, puts things into the right perspective and tweeted,

“Awwww. This is heartbreaking. Please, somebody tell her #Bernie needs another house in the south of France. Surely he’ll run in again in 2024. Until then she should buy a kitten.”

Serveal users responded to Mr. Woods’ tweet, like Elizabeth Carver who tweeted,

“OmG!! I can’t even comment. How on earth are parents raising these kids Today freaking #Snowflakes! Yes sweetie you have to go out and Work for a living! I guess I did Comment.”

JC Mounduix tweeted,

“Oh I’m so ready for all the videos coming this election year. NOVEMBER IS GONNA BE LIT. Blue haired chicks are gonna be screaming and crying all over the place”

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