James Woods Mocks Reporter Who Alleges Bloomberg’s Campaign Posted A “Deceptive Video”

Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, by most accounts, performed poorly last night during his first appearance at a Democratic Party debate. He has been hit by both the left and right for how he handled the questions. The candidates took him to school, like Elizabeth Warren, who blasted him for entering into non-disclosure agreements. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the New York Post, blasted him for, “’throwing close to 5 million young black men up against a wall’ while mayor of New York City and said he only stopped after President Barack Obama intervened in his stop-and-frisk policy.” So, as you can see, he’s not a favorite of the Dems right now. Due to his piss-poor performance, according to reporter Holly Otterbein, his campaign made an attempt to bolster his performance by posting an edited video to his Twitter account. Otterbein shared Bloomberg’s post with her followers, tweeting,

“This is pretty wild: After Mike Bloomberg bombed at the debate last night, his campaign cut a deceptive video to make it look like he did well. The video already has nearly 200K views on Twitter and 31K on Instagram.”

Several Twitter users chimed in on her tweet, like user Dan Larson who tweeted,

“He is a politician amplifying a moment when he did well. That’s what politicians do. Are you seriously saying they shouldn’t be able to do this?”

User Ticoman53 tweeted,

“Money talks…the media has total control of the democrats. Bloomberg is throwing out the cash so watch the liberal media orgy begin!!”

Otterbein’s tweet caught the eye of blacklisted actor James Woods, who didn’t miss a chance to break down the Democrats playbook. He tweeted, 

“Wait. A #Democrat being deceptive? They all lie with “hello,” and it usually goes on from there, so honestly where’s the surprise here? And by the way thanks for the delicious irony of spreading this video yourself!”

LOL…It’s a pleasure to watch the Democrats beat each other down. Any candidate that makes it through the process it going to be weaker when they face President Donald J. Trump and that’s a good thing for our side! Update: As of now, Mike’s video has about 2.1 million views on Twitter.  

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