James Woods Shares A Video Mocking Convicted Felon Michael Avenatti

Convicted felon Michael Avenatti, was mocked today on Twitter by actor James Woods. Avenatti had once called for a press conference that no one showed up for. Woods shared a video link to his Twitter account of Avenatti’s press conference that showed where he was seen talking in a room with no people. He’s speaking about a case that he filed on behalf of porn star Stormy Daniels against President Trump and Michael Cohen on alleged criminal conduct that occurred during the 2016 election. 

As you might remember, Avenatti was actually convicted of trying to extort Nike for 25 million dollars and was also accused of taking over 300,000 dollars from his client Stormy Daniels’ book advance. Back when Avenatti was a free man, he made numerous appearances on cable news networks trashing President Trump.

Avenatti may not know that Woods was poking fun at him when he retweeted the video of Avenatti’s press conference from user Carpe Donktum saying, 

“And just for giggles let’s watch this #Democrat darling speak to an empty room one more time. I never get tired of this. Reminds me of Hillary’s crowds and now Biden’s. So ridiculous.”

Several users responded, like user Cowgirlsamm who tweeted,

“I love how he tried to fake no one having questions and thanking them”

Cheryl Mileff tweeted,

“I love this! Can’t stop watching this”

Karen Kelley tweeted,

“This one is beyond funny!!! Thanks for brightening my afternoon at work!!”The video made me laught out loud. After hearing this guy bash our President day in and day out, I can say, I take great pleasure in knowing he is going to be locked up for a while. He is getting everything he deserves so far! 

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