James Woods Silences Former Pres. In Two Words For Saying, “I don’t like embarrassing people the way Trump does”

Former President Bill Clinton is never one to shy away from an opportunity to take a jab at President Trump. After all, President Trump whipped his wife’s ass in the 2016 election when America said, hell no to Hillary! The former President appeared on CBS’s Sunday Morning and talked some trash. According to The Hill,

“I couldn’t be elected anything now ’cause I just don’t like embarrassing people,” Clinton told “CBS Sunday Morning.” “My mother woulda whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time badmouthing people like this,” Clinton told CBS’s Mo Rocca.”

The article from The Hill caught the eye of actor James Woods, who won’t let leftists get away with taking jabs at President Trump or Conservatives. Mr. Woods proceeded to silence and lay the smack down on the former President by tweeting,

“Two words will be your eternal legacy: “blow job.” In our nation’s history, you are its saddest footnote. A sex joke. Nothing more. #BeyondEmbarrassing”

Several of Mr. Woods followers did not appreciate the former President’s comments and tore into him like user Greg Beach, who tweeted,

“Blue dress, cigar, intern – the list is quite long. Clinton Crime Cartel etc.

User Doctor Dawlin Ureña posted a meme that said, “Sammy Hagar is 70 years old. Bill Clinton is 70 years old. Sammy has had over 40+ years of alcohol, drugs, sex, and rock n roll. Bill lives with Hillary” Ureña tweeted,

User Pam Cox thinks that Clinton is an embarrassment and tweeted,

“Bill Clinton IS THE EMBARRASSMENT and saddest part is he himself seems incapable of being embarrassed enough to fade away on the ash heap of history.”

User Catskill Vivi gave Mr. Woods credit for her returning to Twitter because she had deleted her account. We’re guessing that she was sick and tired of being screwed with like most of us Conservatives. Vivi tweeted,
“I deleted my Twitter last week but came back starting over because I missed @RealJamesWoods tweets. As for Bill Clinton he’s a bad joke and couldn’t run again because too many are AWAKE and on to his corruption.”

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User Onesoldiersmom who according to her Twitter page profile which says “BEING FORGOTTEN IS NOT AN OPTION~Our nation proved that any man could be President. Obama proved that not every man should be. BREITBART FOOT SOLDIER #LNYHBT”, reminded the former president of his famous words when she tweeted,

“He may not like to embarrass people, but he sure didn’t mind embarrassing himself with his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. @MonicaLewinsky.”

Thank you, for your sacrifice Onesoldiermom! User Kamie poked fun at the former disgraced President by tweeting,

“You couldn’t be elected now, beacuase your wife wears the pants and she won’t let you. Lol”

User Vivian Mitchell never trusted the proven adulterous again after he was caught lying. Mitchell tweeted,

“He looked in the camera and lied until the dress was analyzed and his sperm was on it. He had to confess. He had no choice. Never trusted him again.”

User Kevin wanted to remind everybody about the soldiers that were left in the streets of Somalia under Clinton’s watch and tweeted,

“I remember the desecrated bodies of American soldiers being dragged dragged through Somalia streets under his watch. BJ seems small in comparison.”

User Stuart tweeted,

“No Bill, you couldn’t be elected now because people found out who you are, and that’s not exactly good First Lady material hanging off your arm either is it!”

What do you think about former President Clinton’s comments on CBS’s This Morning? Leave a comment and let us know.

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