James Woods Solves Alyssa Milano’s Panic Attack Problem In One Epic Tweet

Actress and anti-gun activist Alyssa Milano took to her Twitter account to tell her followers about how she survives her panic attacks. When the actress is not bashing President Trump or advocating with David Hogg to take away our second amendment rights, it appears she may be battling serious mental health issues. Milano says she has a “psychiatrist and therapist for support.” Too bad they can’t help her with the butthurt that she may be feeling because Trump won the presidency. She may need them to talk about her and her husband’s tax issues or maybe because she is suing their former business partner, Kenneth Hellie, for $10 million dollars. According to Dailymail.Co.Uk, they have,

“claimed in a lawsuit that he is to blame for destroying their finances by mismanaging her funds, failing to pay taxes and investing money from her account without her approval. Last month, the actress and her husband, David Bugliari, filed a $10million lawsuit against former business manager Kenneth Hellie.

“In the suit, the couple claim that Hellie forged their signatures, failed to pay their taxes on time, and steered them into bad investments — including some in which he was also an investor. They also claim in the lawsuit that Hellie mismanaged the remodeling of their ‘modest’, causing the cost of the project to increase to $5million.”

Milano also blames Hellie for her turning down work and according to Variety.com,

“she continued to receive assurances that her finances were healthy. In 2014, she turned down appearing in the third season of the ABC show “Mistresses.” The season would have paid her $1.3 million, and she says she may have negotiated an even more lucrative deal for the fourth season. Had she known how dire her finances truly were, the suit states she “would never have turned down” the job.”

With all these problems it is safe to assume that these could be some of the reasons why she has a psychiatrist and therapist and let everyone know when she tweeted,

“This is the hardest challenge in this lifetime. Meditation, yoga, laughter, being kind to yourself and knowing I survived 100% of my past panic attacks help. I also have a psychiatrist and therapist for support. I have good days and bad days. I appreciate the good ones.”

Her tweet received an immediate response from user American & Proud who tweeted a meme.

User Bryan did not show Milano any love and tweeted,

“Must be nice to have the money to afford all that support”

User Richard made a great point when he responded to Bryan’s tweet,

“It is easy to have all that extra money when you don’t pay your taxes.”

User Milby Drysdale whose profile says he’s a “Conservative Navy Veteran, Vietnam Era. Self Employed. Followers are welcome and I don’t care how many you might have. I’m into what you have to say” tweeted,

“I certainly hope your physician has reported to the Fed’s that you shouldn’t own a weapon.”

Spot on Mr. Drysdale! Thank you for your service! User Lady Patriot had some unsolicited advice for the actress and tweeted,

“Have you tried volunteering at a soup kitchen? You might learn to feel gratitude and it might help you become a more positive person. There are people who have far worse problems than you have out there.’

No, she’d rather sit in the dark and blame everybody else for her problems! Milano’s tweet caught the eye of actor James Woods and he did not hold back when he tweeted,

“Paying taxes you owe to your country generally alleviates the stress associated with guilt. Have you tried that?”

Thank you, Mr. Woods! What do you think about Milano’s tax issues? Do you think she and her husband should be locked up? Leave a comment and let us know.

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