James Woods Sums Up Why Nancy Pelosi Is Still The Minority Leader In One Tweet

The name Nancy Pelosi is one of the most recognized names in politics, after all, she gave us Obamacare and we have never forgotten it either! She took her gavel and hit the American people over the head with it and laughed while we begged her not too. So, it is no surprise that any positive news that comes from President Trump and his administration she down plays. Actor James Woods has a sharp eye and posted a great link from Fox News. In the article, writer Lukas Mikelionis gives a good look at the negative crap Pelosi says. According to Fox News,

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday resumed her attacks against President Donald Trump, this time criticizing the nation’s nearly 18-year high in consumer confidence under the president’s leadership. The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index rose 2.4 points in May, reaching 128 — for the highest reading in more than 17 years, the organization said this week.

“But in her weekly news conference, the California Democrat downplayed the figure, just a week after she claimed low unemployment numbers reported earlier “mean little” to the American people.”

These kinds of attacks don’t sit well with the American people and they took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the Minority leader like, user Trish Regan who is a host on the Fox Business Network. She tweeted,

“#NancyPelosi is downplaying our booming economy, AGAIN. She doesn’t care that the economy is improving & consumer confidence is near 18yr highs. She doesn’t understand people vote with their pocketbooks. She needs to go back to school and try Econ 101.”

Several of Regan’s followers weighed in, like user DebB who would be pissed if she lived in California and tweeted,

“The more she talks, the better for Republicans. WHO in their right mind voted this lady in office? If I lived in Cali, I’d be pissed!!”

User Gayle Spencer Jo2 has had enough of Pelosi and gave her a piece of her mind by tweeting,

“Life is easy when you live a carefree life in an ivory tower. She demeans those who daily work to support their families and themselves. Shame on this woman and the rest of her cronies. :/”

User Crypto Maniac thinks Pelosi has Alzheimer’s and tweeted,

“Wow does anyone even listen to her anymore or given any weight to what she’s saying! I think she’s got some senile thing going on with her or Alzheimer! I really think she should retire!”

We agree, Maniac! User Anthony tweeted,

“She is why the swamp is stopped up. @NancyPelosi is unhinged and obliviously dosen’t cate about the American people. Only her own agenda and narrative. Making the Democrats look bad, sad and had.”

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This leads us to one of the best come back specialists on Twitter today, Mr. James Woods, who summed up Nancy in one tweet,

“I’m now convinced #NancyPelosi is a GOP plant…”

Several of Mr. Woods followers gave their opinions like user Proud Trump Supporter #MAGA who tweeted,

“allow her to see what’s really happening here.. #NancyPeLOSER we’re WINNING don’t u get it.. #America is WINNING..”

User Patriot Bill 2.0 tweeted,

“Maybe you’re onto something James. She certainly does an excellent job of not only highlighting the accomplishments of Trump & his administration, but she ALSO does an even better job of making a complete mockery of, & highlighting the asininity of, the lefts stance against him.”

No matter what this whack job says, Americans are doing better! They are receiving more money in their paychecks and unemployment numbers are down. Voters are going to prove the Democrats wrong this November! There is no blue wave, that is just a lie by the phony fake news media! What do you think about Pelosi trying to downplay President Trump’s success? Do you think she is a plant? Leave a comment and let us know.


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