James Woods Sums Up Peter Strzok’s Hearing With Multiple Scathing Tweets

Actor James Woods was fired up after Peter Strzok’s congressional hearing to the point he went off on Twitter with multiple scathing tweets. Republican lawmakers got into several heated arguments with Democrats over this spectacle. If you watched the hearing you might have felt that Democrats were covering for Strzok. Via Fox News,

“Chairman Goodlatte spars with lawmakers over hearing rules after the FBI agent says he has been instructed not to answer questions about the ongoing Russia investigation.

“FBI official Peter Strzok’s first public hearing tumbled into a rancorous and heated political fracas on Thursday, as Republicans clashed with Democrats as well as the former investigator over his anti-Trump texts — and even threatened contempt for refusing to answer questions on the Russia probe. Strzok, throughout it all, remained defiant and maintained that he did not show bias in those infamous messages with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

“The contempt threat surfaced after House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., questioned “how many witnesses” Strzok interviewed before an August 2016 text from Strzok to Page stating “we’ll stop” then-candidate Trump from becoming president. Strzok said he was not able to answer the question based on instructions from FBI counsel. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., rejected Strzok’s claim.

“Mr. Strzok, you are under subpoena and required to answer the question,” Goodlatte said.”

Mr. Woods, like most of us, is pissed off and would like to see some of these deep state actors & actresses locked up! They are a disgrace to our country and it is a bloody shame nothing is really happening. Mr. Woods knows this and tweeted,

“The #Democrats and their mole didn’t disappoint today. They and he showed unprecedented arrogant contempt for America and our values of integrity and transparency in law. I feel sorry that fellow members of the FBI had to witness this embarrassing tragedy.”

Mr. Woods did not stop there. He tweeted a picture of Strzok, https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1017461905479225344
“This face says it all: “F- Congress, F- America, F- the President, and F-you!” #Strzok #DemocratsAreDangerous”

You’re so right! Mr. Woods continued and posted another picture of Strzok, this time to quote Hillary Clinton. Mr. Woods tweeted,

“What difference does it make?”

Mr. Woods did not stop there. He tweeted another picture of Strzok and said,

“At least this vermin bares his fangs with impunity. He did the deed and couldn’t care less what his country thinks. It’s #Nadler and the other enablers who truly disgust decent Americans. This guy just is what he is, forever a footnote to history as a disgraced cheater and mole.”

Several users responded to Mr. Woods’ tweets and can see right though Strzok, like user Jess Duntno who tweeted,

“His distorted and vengeful, twisted face says more than he could. This is disgusting. You are right, J ames…the only thing MORE disturbing is that the virulent hatred was being enabled, encouraged and protected by the Democrats on the panel. This is the true face of a coup.”

User Esperanza Hope Carlson tweeted,

“He only answers the #Democrats Questions & evade, lie to #Republicans that is very telling! Shameful. #FBI will forever be tainted thanks to him & #LisaPage #McCabe & the lot of other #Traitors”

User Call Me Deplorable says it was a “disgrace” to watch and tweeted,

“Watching this is a disgrace. Register to vote. Get others registered to vote! Vote this November !!!! Vote red! We gotta get these corrupt bastards out!!! Our country depends on getting these snakes out!”

User Mark tweeted,

“The Democrats make me sick. Strzok goes from looking like he’s about to piss his pants when questioned by Republicans to smug and smirky when praised by dirty Dems. You know, In the end this POS walks.”

Anyone who cheats on their significant other shows their true colors and cannot be trusted. Strzok represents the worst in men and the FBI. He is a disgrace and it is a shame that his ass isn’t locked up already. His text messages to his lover clearly showed his bias against President Trump. The Democrats can try and spin it all they want, but anyone who has common sense can see right through them. As we were writing this Mr. Woods tweeted once again and said,

“When #CentralCasting hits it out of the park with supporting background cast of “henchmen…”

What do you think about Peter Strzok’s testimony? Do you think he was trying to take President Trump down and should be tried for treason? Leave a comment and let us know.

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