James Woods Takes CNN’s Jim Acosta Down For Saying F**K You To Melania’s Fmr. Aid

President Trump hater Jim Acosta stuck his foot in his mouth when he replied to First Lady Melania Trump’s former aid Justin Caporale on Twitter. He was most likely pissed after Caporale made fun of his tweet. Acosta is constantly reporting negative news about President Trump on the propaganda channel ‘fake news’ channel, CNN. Acosta is not a friend to Conservatives, so to see him try and walk back his comment and get what coming, is hilarious. According to FOX News,

“Ex-Trump aide Justin Caporale mocked Acosta by writing, “Dear Diary,” after the CNN reporter sent a lengthy tweet complaining about the volume levels at President Trump’s Montana rally.”

“Acosta – who recently noted that rapper Kanye West used profane language in the Oval Office – sent Caporale a private message in response.

“F-ck you,” Acosta wrote, according to a screen grab tweeted by Caporale, however the CNN White House reporter did not edit the language.

“The Daily Wire first reported that the tweet was authentic and that Caporale is a former Melania Trump official. Caporale then announced that Acosta had blocked him on the social media platform. After tweeting a screen grab of Acosta’s vulgar remark, Caporale returned to Twitter and demanded an apology.

“Hey buddy I thought you were an old friend from the campaign days. I’m so sorry. Hope I didn’t offend you. Have a good night and take care,” Acosta wrote.”

Acosta has been exposed for the mean man that he is and Boris Epshteyn, who is according to his Twitter account, a “Chief Political Analyst-Sinclair Broadcast Group, former Special Assistant to President Trump, Communications Director-58th Presidential Inaugural Committee,” called him out by tweeting,

“This is a very sad way for a member of the WH Press Corp to behave.”

Blacklisted actor James Woods picked up on Acosta’s rude behavior and proceeded to rip him apart tweeting,

“I missed the thread that led up to this. Somebody steal Jim Acosta’s butt plug collection? #JimAcosta”

Spot on, Mr. Woods! Wow, just wow! Love it! A lot of us feel the same way and everytime you lay the smackdown on these left loons, we really appreciate it. Several Twitter users responded, like user Perfectocigarholder who tweeted,

“I think I seen his #butt #plug collection for sale on #eBay by owner. Too small need bigger plugs”

User Alfred Setian tweeted,

“Jim Acosta is the model for which butt-plugs are used. They come in 2 sizes, Liberty Penny and Grand Canyon.”

User T.H.Morse thinks that Acosta likes to dish it out but can’t take it and tweeted,

“I think he pulled that Butt Plug from his butt and then put it in his mouth to use as a pacifier as he was crying, poor Jimbo, #JimAcosta he likes to dish it out but can’t take it, hey Jim, this is the new #RepublicanParty we’re nobodies fool any longer and we will fight back”

Do you think that Jim Acosta is sorry for tweeting f**k you to Mr. Caporale? Do you think that CNN should fire his butt? Do you wish that Acosta would renounce his citizenship and leave the United States for good? Leave a comment and let us know.

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