James Woods Takes Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Down

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a rising star for the Democrat ‘Socialist’ Party. She recently beat long-term Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) in a primary race that shocked Democrats. They did not know what hit them, but it was not a surprise to see a Socialist get nominated. After all, Cortez is in a blue district in a very, very blue state. Via The Hill,

“Democrats are racing to figure out how to handle Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose primary win over a longtime incumbent is set to shake up the party’s Washington establishment. Ocasio-Cortez’s shock victory over Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) made the 28-year-old an overnight sensation in the Big Apple and across the country, leading Democrats to bombard her with messages of congratulations and offers to cooperate in the future.

“The entire spectrum of House Democrats, party leadership, [campaign] leadership, is trying to assess what she wants to do and how ready she is to play ball,” said one Democratic source. They want to know “how does her coming to Washington change my plan, or even help my plan?”

“Democrats are largely thrilled to welcome the telegenic rising star to their ranks, though she is already ruffling some feathers. Ocasio-Cortez plans to hit the campaign trail for at least three other Democratic candidates in primary races this year who are backed by Justice Democrats, a PAC that supports progressives.”

Cortez wants “universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage,” and worst of all she wants to “abolish ICE” according to Fox News. She does not support President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court and thinks he should be disqualified for being considered.

So, she took to her Twitter account to let her followers know by retweeting a tweet from Brian Fallon whose Twitter profile says he is, “fighting to protect our justice system from Trump with @wedemandjustice. Former aide to @EricHolder.” Cortez tweeted, https://twitter.com/Ocasio2018/status/1016512829535539200
“The fact that #ScotusPick Kavanuaugh believes that a President cannot be indicted is an automatic disqualification from Supreme Court consideration. Plain and simple.”

Several Twitter users responded and laid into her, like user Will Chamberlain who tweeted,

“You would think being a socialist would be an automatic disqualification from political consideration but apparently not”

User Mark P tweeted,

“You should get a refund on your BA degree in Economics from Boston University and maybe take a civics class or too as you clearly do not comprehend the laws in our country.”

Spot on, Mark! Cortez’s tweet caught the eye actor James Woods who is a champion of comebacks and one liner’s on Twitter. He took her down when he tweeted,

“So your ignorance of the law isn’t restricted to economics then?”

Mr. Woods tweet received several responses, like user Jenn Den who tweeted,

“Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and David Hogg would make a fantastic couple! Both are mentally challenged and completely oblivious to it. And not to start a rumor but I think they both do Tide Pods”

LOL…We think you might be on to something, Jenn! User Adrienne tweeted,

“So so young. Yet a whole 17,000 people who voted for her thought she was wise. They are seeing the error of their vote. Wisdom takes years to build up.”

We disagree 100% with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and think she should leave this country because her values are not American. Anyone who thinks or claims to be a socialist should be disqualified from running for public office in the United States! Take a look at Venezuela, that country has been run into the ground. People steal headstones from grave sites to try and earn a buck. According to Miami Herald.com,

“Oil-rich Venezuela was once among Latin America’s most prosperous nations. But nearly two decades of socialist rule have thrust it into an economic tailspin with severe shortages of food, medicine and other goods. Runaway inflation has plunged many into poverty, forced to survive on monthly minimum wage that adds up to pennies — or turn to crime.

“For years, thieves have scavenged in Caracas’ streets, cashing in sewer grates and copper telephone wires as scrap metal on the black market.
In recent months, robbers have made off with roughly 6,000 headstone markers from the Cemetery of the East, said Nora Bracho, an opposition lawmaker who heads a congressional committee overseeing public services.

“This is a small percentage of the 200,000 graves in the cemetery, but it has been a nightmare for affected relatives.
“This is the tip of the iceberg,” Bracho said, noting that the living are also afflicted by deteriorating public services including widespread electricity blackouts, shortages of water and a broken-down public transportation system.”

Yes, it is only going to get worse and if people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keep getting elected in America, we will follow Venezuela’s path to total destruction.

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