James Woods Takes Liberals Down With Multiple #INSTABLOCKS And Your Mama Jokes

As the midterms draw closer liberals are ramping up their hate for anyone who supports President Trump and Republicans. From water being tossed to MAGA hats being ripped off people’s heads, they are the ones proving that they are crazy and out of control. Yesterday, Charlie Kirk, who is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, had water thrown at his team. He posted a video of the incident to Twitter and said,

“Today I was on campus at University of Texas-Austin A intolerant liberal today was upset to see conservatives on campus and threw water on our team member This happens far too often, conservatives met with physical violence and recourse on campus Violence is never the answer”

It is not the first time that Kirk has encountered crazy leftists and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Fortunately, the fool in the video that threw the water received instant karma because he did it right in front of two police officers. The unknown male was grabbed by one officer and taken away. Blacklisted actor James Woods knows how to deal with leftists that are stupid enough and dare to reply to his tweets. Verified user Christopher Hahn who according to the propaganda website Wikipedia,

“is a HillaryRumpSwab and an American political commentator, Democratic Party activist, and Fox News contributor who makes regular appearances on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, and national radio programs.”

He thought it would be a good idea to reply to Mr. Woods tweet and found out what an #INSTABLOCK is the hard way. Mr. Woods was giving his opinion about how ‘election periods are troubling times in our nation’ and tweeted to his followers. Mr. Woods said,

“Election periods are troubling times in our nation. Look at the sheer chaos this past month. The mobs during the hearings, the horde marching toward our border, and now these bomb scares. One could almost imagine that these things were calculated to affect the electoral process.”

Hahn replyed to Mr. Woods’ tweet saying,

“You’re disgusting….”

That earned Hahn the #INSTABLOCK when Mr. Woods tweeted,

“Well then, this should help… #INSTABLOCK”

That did not sit well with Hahn after he caught wind of the block. He misspelled a word when he tweeted,

“Whinny little snowflake @realJamesWoods I@ proof to be blocked by you”

Twitter user Efilnikufesin alerted Mr. Woods about Hahn whining about being blocked and that’s when he noticed the misspelled word. Of course, Mr. Woods could not resist and pointed it out when he tweeted,

“Lol. And he/she misspelled “whiney.” #IlliterateNitwit”

That’s how you know you’ve gotton under a liberal’s skin when they don’t take time to spell check their crap. LOL! Next, we have user Harry Paratestes who responed to Mr. Woods tweet saying,

“Go to bed old man”

That earned Harry an #INSTABLOCK and a your mama joke when Mr. Woods tweeted,

“Your mom’s not finished with the varsity squad… #INSTABLOCK”

The next user to step up to the plate and get served was user Kellen Degenerate who tweeted,

“Any time @RealJamesWoods starts talking a little big for his britches, I like to remind him that 20 years ago we all watched him flinch while walking away from an explosion. 1998’s Vampires:”

That did not sit well with Mr. Woods because he absolutely body slammed Kellen when he tweeted,

“I know you’re being a minor league douchebag, but film buffs might like to know we actually blew up the whole motel. That’s a real explosion. It is indeed a flinch, as I was trying not to get blown off my feet. You caught me. Now blow me. #INSTABLOCK”

Do you like it when Mr. Woods puts the liberals in check with the #INSTABLOCK? Do you agree with us when we say, “Mr. Woods is a Patriot?” Leave a comment and let us know.

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