James Woods Tweets Pic Of Roseanne Because He “Felt Like It” — Follwers Approve With Most Not Watching Conners Spin Off

Actor James Woods is one of the most popular people on Twitter for Conservatives and a favorite here at Conservative Humor Gone Awry.com. He is constantly laying the smack down on liberals and putting them in their place. For the last day or so he has been scorching Elizabeth Warren for her Native American claims and came up with the nickname, ‘#SeñoritaWarren.’

Once Woods has locked onto a liberal he is absolutely relentless and that’s what people love about him. You can count on him giving leftists a reality check just about 7 days a week. Woods also has no problem going to bat for people if he feels like they’ve been done wrong, but today, he did something a little off the cuff. A spin-off from Roseanne Barr’s show called, the Conners, is premiering tonight and lots of her fans are not happy she’s not a part of the show. Mr. Woods tweeted a picture of her saying,

“Just felt like tweeting a pic of @therealroseanne. I don’t know why, just felt like it.”

Several of Mr. Woods’ followers responded with most of them showing support for her, like user Pkh who tweeted,

“The executives are now worried about the upcoming season of The Conners. They feel like they made the wrong decision on firing her. I know I won’t be watching it, without Rosanne it’s not worth watching.”

User Christine tweeted,

“Love her and loved the show! It won’t be the same without her and I won’t be tuning in.”

User DoneWithGreys was happy with the photo that Mr. Woods tweeted and said,

“You chose a great photo, James. She looks radiant, just beautiful.”

User Ammer Gayle Whatley also thought the picture was great and tweeted,

“Few women are as brave, honest and opened as @therealroseanne and #hollywoodhypocrites can’t stand it! Thank you @RealJamesWoods for posting this beautiful picture!”

User Sal won’t be watching either without Roseanne and tweeted,

“I can tell you there is as big a need for a Dream Sequence for #TheConners as there was when @therealpduffy stepped out of the shower on #Dallas Maybe @ABCNetwork can get #RoseanneBarr a monogrammed shower cap. I won’t watch a second of #TheConners without Roseanne on it.”

Are you watching the Conners? Are you sad that the show is going on without Roseanne? Leave a comment and let us know.

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