Mark Levin Scolds Comey And Puts Him In His Place With One Tweet

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin, like most of us, has had enough of former FBI Director James Comey’s crap. Levin took to Twitter to let his followers know how he felt and did not hold back and tweeted,

“James Comey is a crackpot and narcissist. His next appearance should be before a grand jury where he’s forced to detail his leaks and obstructions. Can we move on now from this disgruntled weirdo?”

User Deplorable Christine agreed with Mark and tweeted,
“Exactly, either stick him in jail, or stop giving this lying sack of potatoes airtime. The media is treating him like a major celeb. He’s a liar and a treasonous bastard, and he belongs in jail with the rest of his comrads.”

User Cindy Beckman believes that there is so much evidence surrounding the ‘FBI, DOJ, and Mueller’ so she tweeted,

“We have so much evidence on the FBI, DOJ Mueller others and yet here we sit NOT one thing has been done! How long will they keep getting away with this? How long must America wait to see justice?”

User Scout 6 thinks that Conservatives are fed up the attacks on President Trump and soon things are going to boil over. Scout 6 tweeted,

“Personally, I feel conservatives are becoming fed up with the attacks on Trump and the waters of discontent, while only warm now, may reach the boiling point if this president is not allowed to do his job.”

User Linda Ellis is not happy with the questions asked by George Stephanopoulos and tweeted,

“And, what about George Steppo who’s asking the ??’s, former PS, and behind the scenes Advisor to The Clinton’s with George Steppo Style Attacks. My point: Comey Lies, and he’s The Obstructionist, and Comey was fired by Our President the One Man Comey couldn’t fool.”

User Puddy Alley thinks Comey is just trying to sell books and hurt the President, so he tweeted,
“Mr. Levin, that whole interview was canned. He had questions prior, had soft non-pressing questions and was interviewed by a Clinton supporter. His final statement was even meticulous worded to inflict a moral wound upon President Trump. This is just hype to sell his book.”

User Marieanne is wondering why Comey has not been brought to justice and tweeted,

“Why can’t people like Comey be brought to justice? Who are s protecting criminals like him? Independent investigation needs to be demanded and done.”

User Russ Filip is suggesting that Comey borrow the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and tweeted,

“Next step. Comey should borrow the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile for a national book tour”

User Scott Hare wants to know when people will be held accountable for their crimes and tweeted,

“When will people in government be held responsible for their crimes? There are two sets of rules. No justice.”

Conservatives are pissed off at Comey and would like to see his ass locked up! They are sick of seeing the double standard. Mark Levin is a true patriot and it is a pleasure to listen to his radio show every day. If you have not listened to Mark before, we suggest that you check out his podcast or live radio show by going to his website,

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