Nancy Sinatra Says She’ll Be Happy If “White People Are Not The Majority Anymore” — James Woods Flattens Her

If you remember the sixties, you might remember Nancy Sinatra. If not, let us give you a quick history lesson. First, she is the daughter of the late great singer, Frank Sinatra. Second, Nancy also pursued a singing career and is known for her one hit, These Boots Are Made For Walking. She received a lot of attention for singing the song and it made her very popular.

Now, Nancy is 78-years-old and she 100% supports the liberals. She tweets a lot of left-wing propaganda from different leftist influencers, like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Apparently, she has a problem with white people being a majority in America and wants to see that change to a minority. This is already happening and according to The Baltimore Sun,

“Whites are now the numerical minority in a half dozen states, and they will be the nation’s numerical minority in a little more than 25 years. And now, for the first time ever, there are fewer white than nonwhite children under 10 years of age.

“This is a significant change. The U.S. population has been predominantly white since the founding of Jamestown in 1607. As late as 1950, whites accounted for about 90 percent of the nation’s population, according to U.S. Census figures. But in the past six decades, whites’ share of the overall population has dropped to 61 percent. Demographic projections suggest that whites will become the numerical minority in 2044, when the nation will become a majority-minority country.

“In certain places this is already underway. Hawaii and the District of Columbia became majority-minority in 1980, California and New Mexico in 2000, Texas in 2004, and Nevada last year. The white share of Nevada’s population plunged from 83.2 percent in 1980 to 49.9 percent in 2016. Eight other states where whites now account for under 60 percent of the population will likely become majority-minority states in the next 10 to 15 years. Of these, Maryland is expected to be the next majority-minority state with whites constituting 51.5 percent of its population in 2016.

“Nonwhites are drivers of the demography of the national and state populations. For example, nonwhites accounted for nearly 96 percent of the 14.4 million people added to the U.S. population between 2010 and 2016. Latinos were responsible for close to half of the national growth. The white population rose by just over 650,000 during the six-year period, making up only about 4 percent of the increase. In Maryland, the white population declined by close to 67,000 between 2010 and 2016 while the nonwhite population rose by nearly 310,000.”

A few months ago, Amy Siskind, whose Twitter profile says that she is the President of ‘The New Agenda’ and that she is a former ‘Wall Street Executive’ tweeted an article by Fox News,

“OMFG. Translation for Fox News audience: these kids are not white.”

This is where Nancy thought it would be a good idea to tell everyone how dissatisfied she is because whites are still the majority in America. Nancy responded by tweeting,

“I’ll be so happy when white people are not the majority anymore.”

Somehow through modern technology Nancy’s tweet caught the eye of actor, James Woods. He absolutely tore her to pieces for her effort by tweeting,

“I’ll be happy when they stop selling Botox to one-hit wonders…”

Several of Mr. Woods’ followers responded, like user Jeff who tweeted,

“With so much of the planet ruled by non-white majority and/or socialists, I wonder why these folks keep waiting around here in America. There are hundreds of countries around the world that already have what they’re looking for.”

User Jim Hyatt tweeted,

“#bang #wevegotJamesWoods I don’t think she got her brains from her dad. Frank always seemed to pretty sharp to me. She was a ’60s girl though….some stuff was going on then may have caused damage.”

User Stuart Drayton suggested that Nancy might be happy in South Africa and tweeted,

“Really? Perhaps she’d prefer life on a farm in South Africa. Although that would meet her criterion, I don’t think she’d be happy there for very long…”

Do you think that Nancy should renounce her citizenship and leave the United States if she is not happy here? Leave a comment and let us know.

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