Obama says, ‘We’re still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism’ — James Woods Flattens Him

Former President Obama trashed the American people for not wanting to reduce carbon emissions. Speaking at the Obama Foundation summit in Chicago with author Dave Eggers he absolutely shows his disdain for people who don’t subscribe to his beliefs. You see, we’re the bad guys. Conservatives and Republicans want dirty air and water and are against all forms of government. At the event, Obama said, [see video below]

“Those are the things that block us. There are a few exceptions, climate change we’re going to have to come up with some new technologies to solve the problem as much as we need to. Although, even on something like that, right now I can take off the shelf existing technologies.

“We can reduce carbon emissions by let’s say 30% without any, it’s not like we’d have to go back to caves and you know, live off, you know, live off fire. We could have electricity and smartphones and all that stuff which would buy us probably another 20 to 30 years for that technological breakthrough that’s necessary.

“The reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate anger, racism, Mommy issues. I mean, we are fraught with stuff and so if that’s the case, then the single most important thing that we have to invest in, is, is not all.

“Look, I’m a huge supporter of you know, science and technological research and social science and you know, evidence-based learning all that good stuff. People call me Spock for a reason. I believe in reason and logic and all these enlightenment values, but the thing that really we have to invest in is people.”

So, there you have it folks from his mouth to your ears, you’re the problem as always. Shame on you for not wanting to ‘fundamentally change America.’ Blacklisted actor James Woods picked up on former President Obama’s rhetoric and had one simple tweet to sum it up. Mr. Woods tweeted,

“This will be regarded as the most appalling eight year mistake in the history of the Republic…”

Several of Mr. Woods’ followers picked up on his tweet like user Mike Everson who tweeted,

“Obama is way more important in his own mind than he actually is. His words are his own weak attempt to be legitimate. He hasn’t held any kind of great significance except in the area of divisiveness. In that, he is a genius and the greatest leader.”

Spot on, Mr. Everson! User Gbu tweeted,

“I hope we can come back from the damage done….screwing up our healthcare, depleting the military, bashing the police, stroking racism. Not to mention the total mess we now have with gender identity due to his liberal policies.”

User Sol S says he was embarrassed that Obama was our President and tweeted,

“So embarrassed that this man was our President for not one, but two terms! So thankful for term limits…”

We feel the same way, S! User Frank La Chota tweeted,

“It will take years to unscrew the polarized mess that this guy and his Obamicons left our country in. Those years will be painful but we will recover and move on from the 8 year nightmare !!”

What do you think about former President Obama’s comments? Are you glad that he’s out of office? Leave a comment and let us know.

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