Pair Arraigned For Unarmed Robbery And Attack On 92-Year-Old Woman

Quincy Massachusetts: Just when you think people can’t get any lower, a story like this one pops up. Today, 27-year-old Markell Cruz and 26-year-old Kayla Noel-Brown were both were arraigned and charged with assault and battery as well as unarmed robbery of an elderly person. The victim, 92-year-old Doris Prendiville was attacked back on November 19 when she went to retrieve a newspaper.

She was knocked to the ground and her purse was snatched. The attack was severe enough that Prendiville had to go to the hospital and receive treatment for a cracked sternum. Police were able to ascertain surveillance video in the area and it was used by a State Trooper who identified and arrested the pair. Cruz is being held with no bail while Brown is held on $2,500 bail, because after the attack tried to help Prendiville. Via CBS Boston,

“Trooper Joseph Gray, a member of the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, saw a man and a woman walking toward the intersection with Northampton Street.

“Gray noticed that Noel-Brown resembled a photograph of a female suspect being sought by Quincy Police in the attack on Prendiville, authorities said.

“Gray reversed his direction to get a closer look at Noel-Brown, and then he exited his cruiser and approached the pair.

“The woman identified herself as “Nancy Brown” of Quincy, according to State Police. Gray contacted Quincy Police and then asked for a photo of the assault suspect.

“The photos matched, and Gray arrested the pair after police determined that both were involved in the Nov. 19 assault.”

This is the kind of crime that really boils my blood. Just hearing the news that Prendiville had a cracked sternum due to this cowardly attack pisses me off beyond words. Thank goodness that there was surveillance video and the police made a quick arrest. Hopefully, they both will come clean and accept the consequences, but if they don’t, maybe the police can get them to snitch on each other. One way or another the book needs to be thrown at these two so a message can be sent!

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