Pres. Trump Describes Fmr. VP Joe Biden’s Gaff Perfectly In One Brutal Tweet

Over the weekend, the former Vice President was speaking at a dinner for the Delaware Democratic Party. In typical Biden fashion, he screwed up and felt the need to brag about his progressive record and said he’s got “the most progressive record of anybody running.” He walked his comments back and tried to correct himself and said, “anybody who would run — I didn’t mean it. Anybody who would run.”

Anyone who’s followed Biden’s career knows that at some point he’s going to open up his mouth and go off script. I think Biden told the truth and will announce that he’s running soon. Most politicians are scripted 24/7 but  President Trump is not and will say what’s on his mind. He didn’t hesitate and blasted Biden when he tweeted, (to hear the tweet read by ANNCR see the video below) 

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Source: Fox 8 News

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