Pulitzer Prize Winner Jerry Saltz Says, “Stop. Drunk Tweeting” — James Woods Obliterates Him With One Epic Tweet

President Trump hater Jerry Saltz thought it would be a good idea to talk some trash on Twitter about actor James Woods. Who in the heck is Jerry Saltz? He’s an art critic for New York Magazine who recently won a Pulitzer Prize. Via Art News.com,

“New York magazine’s senior art critic, Jerry Saltz, has won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for Criticism. His winning article was “My Life as a Failed Artist,” an essay published last April about his failure at being an artist, the disappointment that came with it, and how it ultimately turned him into a critic.

“In an awards ceremony held today at Columbia University in New York, Dana Canedy, the administrator of the Pulitzers, called Saltz’s reviews and essays “a robust body of work that conveyed a canny and often endearing perspective on visual arts in America encompassing the personal, the political, the pure, and the profane.”

“Saltz has been with New York since 2007. Prior to that, from 1998 to 2007, he was senior art critic at the Village Voice. His pithy, stylish reviews, essays, and columns for both publications, as well as his outspoken presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have turned him into one of today’s most widely read art critics.”

You might think Saltz is a bitter man and you might be right. After all, his job is to criticize people and tear them down, but that was his one mistake when he tweeted a response to Mr. Woods’ tweet. Saltz tweeted,

“Your heart is hard; I guess there’s just a meanness in this world. Stop drunk Tweeting.”

If you follow Mr. Woods, then you know that crap didn’t fly when he caught wind of the tweet. Yep, Mr. Woods did what he always does to the leftists, he took him out with one epic tweet,

“Try having the balls to call me a drunk as a direct statement of fact, you little coward. I will sue you for libel and win, you worthless piece of shit. If you don’t have the courage to do so, then shut your cock holster of a mouth.”

Well, apparently Saltz was left with a bitter taste in his mouth and went after Mr. Woods again by tweeting several times,

“I seem to have struck a nerve up in the office. Hah! #DList”

Saltz attacked again by tweeting,

“WIKI writes that Woods, whoever he is, he used Twitter to echo baseless claims that George Soros was behind violent far-right rally in Charlottesville, VA. & and in 2018 suggested a series of mail bombs sent to Trump critics was a staged “political stunt,” Oh well. Whatever works”

Responding to user Chip Rutan who asked “who is @realjameswoods” Saltz ran his mouth again saying,

“I think he’s like a really really old far right-wing ideologue washed-up D-List actor. He upsets easily, though. But he can’t quit me! lol”

We thought Saltz was finished but we were wrong. He is back at it today and this time he tweeted a picture for Mr. Woods and said,

“Hey @RealJamesWoods -whoever you are (they tell me you’re an old far right-wing former Trump-Republican actor?? Who knows? Maybe. Congrats.): Happy Halloween from Albert Pinkham Ryder; “The Race Track;” or “Death on a Pale Horse;” 1896-1908. An American. Blind but now you see.”

Mr. Woods has not responded to Saltz’s tweets as of this writing, but several users did, like user Eleni who tweeted,

“You’re not even a tenth of the man @RealJamesWoods is. He should crush you like the cockroach you are.”

User Jane Seymour tweeted,

“Well, Im in Colombia and lots of people know him, but who knows you? I just discover your disgusting existance!”

We don’t care that Jane misspelled the word existence. She made a great point so liberal spelling police, you don’t need to run your mouths. User Jame Gumb ripped Saltz by tweeting,

“Oh so poetic Jerry, did this make you smile to yourself while sipping your soy latte this morning? You think of yourself as above the rest of us but yet you just sound insecure and dumb when you tweet.”

Do you know who Jerry Saltz is? Do you care who Jerry Saltz is? Leave a comment and let us know.

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