Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Expresses Her Frustrations With Senator Susan Collins Who Votes With Her Republican Colleagues.

Senator Susan Collins may not know it yet, but she has been trolled by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. AOC has over 6.6 million followers, so when she tweets, it gets out. It seems that the squad member has a problem with Sen. Collins’ voting record. A tweet by user Sheryl Gay Stolberg who said, “Passions are high on the Senate floor. The ordinarily calm @SenatorCollins is railing against Dems for delaying consideration of coronavirus package: “This is disgraceful.” “We don’t have another day! We don’t have another hour. We don’t have another minute to delay acting.’” Stolberg’s tweet caught the eye of AOC who tore into Collins saying,

“.@SenatorCollins can keep her crocodile tears. She voted & fought HARD to strip pandemic prep funding. She helped drive the lack of preparation that we had leading up to this. What’s actually disgraceful is her “I’m a Moderate Lady” dance to cover up brutal policies and votes.”

AOC continued her rant,

“Collins voted for the GOP tax scam. She voted to appoint Kavanaugh. She’s defending an utterly corrupt bill to shower public money on friends and donors. Susan Collins is not a moderate. She just plays one on TV.”

Serveral users responded to AOC’s tweets, like Safe Spaces Podcast who tweeted,

“When the crisis is over and we come back to our senses let’s hope the bar is raised so that we no longer have to suffer the likes of you any longer. Go away and let the adults do their work. Puppets need not apply.”

AirBirber tweeted,

“I love reading AOC’s tweets! They fill my heart mostly with laughter, but then also with sadness that someone can be so lacking in understanding of reality.”

ddale tweeted,

“AOC is a socialist communist. She is a puppet of the far left political group called Justice Democrats do your research. They are trying to overthrow our democracy and freedom and insert socialism into our government. Beware. Please do some simple research they can’t hide”

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